Friday, June 29, 2007

Rockin' in the U.S.A.

Boy howdy am I excited. A fellow blogger that I do not know but am SURE, based on what I've read, would be a close friend if we lived near each other... has bestowed upon me an honor. The Rockin' Girl Blogger Award. (see her comments here)

I gotta tell ya, this made my day. I write because I have to. If I don't, I'll shrivel up (hmmm, on second thought) and fade away. It's part of who I am. I'm not the funniest blogger out there. I'm not the most serious blogger out there. And, lawd knows I'm not the most informational/ educational blogger out there. But, I write about the little mundane things in my world. That makes me happy. And, to have someone say that my writing makes them happy, too? That knocks my socks off.

Thanks so much, GGW... now I get to select a few bloggers that knock my socks off. This is hard to do because there are at least 20 that I keep up with regularly.

Here goes:

  • Queen of Dirty Laundry -- I loved her blog from the first time I read it. Sometimes I lurk. Sometimes I comment. But she's real. And, she's real funny. Her post about trying to explain baby making, etc. to her kids almost made me wet myself. You rock, woman.
  • Overwhelmed with Joy -- she's a fellow adoptive parent whose blog has been one I've lurked on for some time now. It's pretty to look at but she always has something cool to share...whether it's ingredients, or tips, or just feelings about the adoption process. Check it out!
  • My Quotidian Mysteries -- I simply love this blog. She's always good for a contest...or a touching post... her faith inspires me and she's just an all-around cool, rockin' bloggin' chick. I love her family mantra, too: "Trust God. Trust his process. Dispense and receive grace." There ya go.
  • BooMama -- Doggone it. She's probably received about 50 of these things but I couldn't, in good conscience, list rockin' blogger chicks without listing the blog I do not miss, without fail, every day. She makes me hoot outloud. Love me some Boo Mama Blog. And hey, when you read hers for the first time and forget all about mine...just remember it's me that sent ya.
Congrats to these ladies...and keep up the great blogging else I'll have to really get down to business and attack my To-Do list. Who needs that kinda pressure?!


BooMama said...

Thank you, ma'am! :-)

I appreciate it so much!

Anonymous said...

WOW! What fantastic comments about your writing...I TOTALLY agree...your writing is amazing and I love that you have this special talent!

Christi said...

Love your writing style. I found you through my cousin's site (The Twist family). Christi