Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why Having Pink Eye ROCKS

10. Cause it gives me a reason to do a Top Ten List and Top Ten Lists ROCK.

9. Prompts you to scour the house looking for the pair of glasses you know you own but haven't found since Clinton was in office.

8. Increases your "flirt factor" as a permanently closed left eye makes winking a given.

7. Your chances of being cast as an extra in a horror film are greatly increased.

6. You know this because one of your best buds will see a picture of your eye and tell you that you look you are transforming into an evil monster.

5. If money is tight, you could always pose for "Say No To Meth" posters.

4. Will end your burning curiosity if you have ever wondered what it feels like to be kicked in the face by a horse.

3. You get to feel strangely victorious when your eye looks a lot grosser than the pink eye pictures shown on the slideshow on WebMD.com.

2. You get a cool black eye patch that makes you look all Pirates of the Caribbean-ish and lets your husband have lots of fun saying "arrgggg" whenever you walk by.

1. You can thoroughly embarrass your older children by wearing said patch in public. Revenge is sweet. And lemme tell ya, THAT ROCKS. :)