Monday, June 25, 2007

A Perfect Evening, Y'all

Harry, Harry, Harry.

Mercy...was tonight a ton of fun.

Last week, I won four tickets to the Harry Connick, Jr. concert at an ampitheatre here in Atlanta (or "Hot-lanta" as it's known this time of year.) Fearing it would live up to its nickname, we and our friends Jimmy and Melissa were dressed for warm weather and came prepared with a fan and plenty o' water. Turns out, we didn't need any of it. Lemme tell you, it was a perfect evening, ya'll.

Rain earlier in the day ushered in a cool evening that was breezy and overcast. Candles on the tables below flickered like fireflies in the night and the mood and relaxed and grateful. Grateful? Yes, grateful. I was grateful to enjoy the company of adults without hearing the words "snack," "transformers," or "light sabre" even once. Grateful to Harry Connick for donating the proceeds of such an entertaining show to help rebuild New Orleans--his hometown. And, most of all, grateful to spend an evening with my hubby just being myself...having fun, at ease and, yes, howling an occassional cat call at Harry down there on the stage. Hey, do you blame me?

It really was a perfect evening, indeed.


Anonymous said...

What did you write? I could not focus due to the hottie's picture...I must gain composure and read your blog now...LOL! Glad you had a great time...all possible because of my navigational skills, of course...

melissa said...

i totally agree! it was perfect. thank you so much for letting us enjoy it with you guys! we look forward to the next set of tickets you win. ;-) love ya girl!

Mama Bear June said...

Ummmm, nice pic and no one could blame you for catcalls at Mr. Gorgeous! ;-)