Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Merry Hallowsgiving

...or shall I say "Happy HalloThanksmas"...

I woke up this morning to my favorite radio station playing "Jingle Bells." JINGLE BELLS. That was followed by "Deck the Halls" and capped off with a rousing rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!"

What in the everlovin world are they doing playing Christmas music??? That stresses me out, y'all. FIRST of all, it's Halloween. That means it is still October. Say it with me, "OCT----TOBBBB-BER." Jeesh.

My friend Stacey and I were chuckling the other day about how much we still love this time of year because our "holiday planning" is still full of hope and promise. Those homemade gifts we want to make are still possible and all those nifty little ways we want to organize for the hectic holiday season can still be put into place. I can still be organized (yes!) and creative (oh! yeah!) when it comes to giftwrapping and if I wanted to bake my special-what-I'm-known-for holiday cake for all my friends and neighbors, I still have time. Of course, I'm not actually KNOWN for baking that could be a problem. BUT...because it's only OCTOBER, I still have time to learn how to bake something-special-that-I-could-possibly-become-known-for. The season is full of possibility, it is! Right?

But not if I wake up to "Silent Night."

Because, if I wake up to the song "Silent Night" playing on the radio, it's HERE. Christmas. And that means that I have a lot to do and not enough time to do it and that stresses me out because THIS is the year I was gonna be on TOP of the game, yessirree I was. I was going to pull out that "Countdown to Christmas" planner I bought years ago, dust it off and use it this year. REALLY use it.

Because, you see. It's still OCTOBER. I am going to switch the radio station, reprogram my brain to my favorite season, autumn, which is still gloriously presenting itself outside my door. I will banish the stressful thoughts of holiday-prep inadequacy and enjoy the rest of my Fall without falling into the way-too-early preholiday madness.

I will.

I promise.

I must.

I will not look up a single recipe for "Festive Holiday Bundt Recipes for Dummies"...well, at least not until tomorrow. Cause then folks it will be November.

And you know what that means...


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Letters of Gratitude

I have decided that I would like to use this space to write a letter of gratitude every now and then. There are people I come in contact with every day that do things big and small... each having their own impact on my life. Some of these people will never see this...and some not for a long time...but that does not matter. The acknowledgement is the important part to me.

This letter is for Steve Rountree and Debbie Burns:

Monday, October 29, 2007

Glorious Day

Today is a glorious day

Not for any particular reason

Maybe it's the crystal clear,
cool Fall-ish weather outside...

or the fact that I don't hurt anywhere on my body

and my house is straightened (for the most part)

and my dog is by my side chewing on her tennis ball...

Perhaps it's the joy of the light
pouring in the glass on my front door

Or the sound of a lawnmower in the distance...

I can't seem to pinpoint the exact source
of my contentment today

I just know it's with me

I know there will be some not-so-good days ahead
They are a part of the natural, cyclical rhythm of life...

But today is a good one.

I am content.

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Passion for Fashion? Not Really.

OK, so my post about 80's trends coming back made me think. As much as I loathe everything that is the 80's (well, except for John Hughes films, Trapper Keepers and the song "More Than Words" by Extreme)...

...but I digress.

I started thinking about other decades ...would I have liked those any better?

The Roaring 20's for instance...I think I would have liked this era (style-wise, that is). I love that look...the hair, the dresses, the long strands of pearls and the great shoes. Of course, the custom was to keep your chest looking as flat as possible to portray equality with men at the time...unfortunately, I couldn't pull that off if I tried. I do love the flapper-style, though!

And possibly the the 50's... when I think of the 50's I think of sock hops, poodle skirts and those little tin-foil-packed meatloaf TV dinners with the bright green peas. I imagine Leave it to Beaver-esque moments and tiny waistlines. Again, a style I probably couldn't pull off!

Then, there are the 60's... it wasn't all Woodstock, I know. But the 60's conjure up the hippiest of images. Long, stringy hair and pychadellic colors. The true cliche of a peace-lovin, groovy decade. What's funny is neither of my parents looked like that in the 60's but that's what I think of for those years. And the Twiggy look? Puh-leeze.

In some ways, I am a child of the 70's. But, just that, a child. My Mom dressed me for many of those years so I'm not quite sure what being a teenager dressing during that time was like. All I can say is I loved the Bee Gee's and I could get a wing going in my hair (subsequently frozen in time with a can of hair spray) as good as the next person. But bell bottoms? Nothankyouverymuch. No sir-ee. :-)

I don't know. I think style and fashion are something I've never been too keen on because I always seem to catch up just as "they" (whoever they may be) are moving on to the next big thing. But the fact that 80's fashions are back in vogue? This is one style train I'll be glad to miss.

THIS time around.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gag Me With a Spoon

OK, so I thought I'd run to the store tonight to find an outfit for a trip I'm taking to visit my sis in Tampa tomorrow. I'm none too pleased with my current selection of clothing and thought one new outfit wouldn't hurt.

But hurt it did.

I know we've had this 80's retro trend going on for some time now. But folks, please. We must stop the insanity. And quick.

The clothes that I saw on the racks this evening were, shall I say, AWFUL. Boxy, big-shouldered tunic-type shirts in pale pastel colored stripes (of course with a hint of gold yarn running through it. Blech.) One shirt/vest/combo-thingie I picked up looked like something comedian Paula Poundstone would wear...or better, yet, it would be part of the wardrobe for the female-gym-teacher-who-hates-men in a cheesy 80's movie. What are the fashion folks thinking?

Pink speckled boxy print with silver thread accents.

Puffy purple purses with a metallic buckle. (It was painful for me to even type that)

As I walked through one particular store and surveyed the damage, er, I mean INVENTORY, I was transported back to my junior year in high school. "Ooh, this black and white horizontally-striped tunic would look super great with those new stirrup pants I bought and my black flats."

Perish the thought.

All I ask for is something with a dart here or there. Some sort of shirt item that might actually make me look like I have a waist even if I don't. This is 2007, people. Did the fashion trend in the 1970's suddenly revert to poodle skirts? No. And for good reason.

I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. For my flight tomorrow I'll don my best pair of Jordache jeans and a Coca-Cola shirt with the stiff white collar. With a Goody comb in my back pocket, I will be ready to take on the world. Perhaps I'll even start daydreaming about Rob Lowe or Ricky Schroeder again.

One never knows...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007







desperately needed

let it pour

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Today was a great day.

I was able to go to a wonderful church and worship my Lord freely. Afterwards, my family enjoyed lunch then went home to kick back and rest. We all retreated for a Sunday afternoon nap and I nestled into my new favorite spot: a twin bed in my son's room. It's an extra bed tucked snugly beneath a set of windows. My new Sunday ritual is to lie down, open up the window and let a mixture of warm sun and cool breezes lull me to sleep.

As I drifted off into a cozy nap, I felt a strong breeze blow in as it carried crunchy leaves down the driveway and across the front yard. The distant sound of children's laughter, a dog or two barking and my son's deep breathing on the adjacent bed made me feel safe and confirmed the fact that I am wholly and deeply blessed.

The rest of the day was equally delightful: shopping with a friend, dinner with my "men" and curling up on the couch to watch a movie with my hubby.

I couldn't ask for more.

Savior I come,

quiet my soul,


Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday's Feast: October 19, 2007

Appetizer: If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why?
I'd be a Golden and generally happy... and always one to chase a tennis ball!

Soup: What does the color purple make you think of?
I would like for my answer to be "nobility" or something much more culturally well-rounded than my actual first thought/response: BARNEY.

Salad: Approximately how long does it take you to get ready each morning?
With involvement of five year old boy......1 hour at least

Without involvement of five year old boy......... 30 minutes

Main Course: How many cousins do you have, and are you close to them?

Unfortunately, I only have two. My Mom was an only child and my Dad had one brother... I wish we were closer but we really only see each other at weddings and funerals... I wish that weren't the case because we are close in age and get along well.

Dessert: Take your initials (first, middle, last) and come up with something else those letters could stand for. (Example: SFO = Sweet Funny Otter)

My initials are KTB........ Kangaroos Tote Babies :-)

To do your own feast or to check out how others responded, click HERE.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Addiction # 457

Hello. My name is Katie and I am addicted to Sharpie pens.

"Hello, Katie." (the people in the circle of chairs chant back to me)

I am addicted, ya'll. I love Sharpies more than just about any kind of office supply. And, that's saying a lot. Now they've come out with the little Sharpies that hang off a keyring and you have them at your disposal at all time.

(Katie purrs)

When did I become addicted to office supplies? I'm drawn to the writing utensil section of Office Depot like moth to white on, you get my point. Gel pens, ballpoints, big pens, little pens, colored markers, crayons and big pads of white paper. Oh my goodness. It's enough to get my heart racing.

Just the other day, I bought my 5-year old a brand new box of crayolas...the 64 variety with all the metallics and beauties like "cornflower blue" and "magenta." I have to admit that I've used them almost as much as he has. I love, love, love doodling, coloring, drawing. Sigh....

But, the little Sharpies take the cake. Give me some Sharpie pens and blank file folders and it might as well be Christmas morn.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee pens. Pens, pens, pens......

Don't worry. I scare me sometimes, too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Fall, Y'all

(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Making the Right Move...

I think the earth just tilted on its axis, folks. Either that or there is a gas leak in my husband's office and he's talking out of his head.

Eight years ago, my husband made a not-so-wise decision in my opinion. He passed up an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii with me for a football game. As a rabid University of Alabama football fan, he decided that "seeing Tennessee play Alabama in our home stadium for the first time in history" was more important than accompanying me on this tour designed for meeting planners and their guests.

Lemme tell ya, I have never let that one go. There are plenty of things I have let go through the years but that isn't one of them. (By the way, I took my Dad and we had a grand time)

So, fast forward to 2007. We have a new coach at Alabama. Our season is full of promise. There is an electricity in that stadium that we haven't had in a long time and this weekend is one of our biggest games to date... Alabama vs. Tennessee. Now, if you're not a sports fan, I'm sure I've lost you by now. But hold tight...I'm getting to the point. Promise.

As many of you know, we're trying our best to adopt and have been for the past year. We have recently discovered that we need a certain class in order to adopt through the state of Georgia. And guess when the class begins? Yep. This Saturday. All day. hubby called a few minutes ago and said he suggested we need to forego our trip to the game in lieu of attending this class. Since the next time we could get in would be February, he's offering to skip the game in order to attend (if they have room for us).

What? What did he just say?

I hope this isn't coming across as sarcastic...because I am genuinely surprised at his decision. Sure we enjoy going to the games but this is a chance to add to our family. This is for our son who spends time kicking around pine cones in the yard with his head hung low because he wants so desperately to have a brother or sister to play with.

There are just some decisions that are no-brainers in life.

This is one of them.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I Had to Ask, Didn't I?

I was chatting with my five year old son and trying to reinforce how much he means to me.

Me: "Daniel, do you know that if someone offered me a choice between having ALLLLLL the money in the whole, wide world or having you...I'd choose YOU."

Daniel: "Thanks, Mom..." (an uninspired response if you ask me)

Me: "What would you do if someone made you choose between all the Transformers in the world and Mommy, hmmm?"

(a question I deep down knew the answer to. I'm a glutton for punishment, I am.)

Daniel: "Well, Mommy... you know I LOVES me some Transformers..."

I just HAD to ask, didn't I?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Interviewin' with Okra

Thought the title might be just weird enough to get your attention. :-) My bloggy friend Megan over at FriedOkra sent me some questions that I must answer. It is certainly not good blog protocol to ignore an "interview" like this...but these questions were hard, y'all.

Here goes (my answers are in black):

1. You don't pull on Superman's cape. You don't spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit into the wind. You don't pull the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger and you don't try to force horizontally striped clothing on Katie.

2. Have you ever had an event planning DISASTER? When/where/how/why and what was the fallout?

Oh yes, ma'am I did. In 1996, we had rented the battleship USS Alabama in Mobile Bay (Mobile, Alabama) for an evening event during an annual conference for Realtors. There were 500 people or so in attendance and the theme was a 40's evening/USO Show on the deck of the ship. The disaster occurred when the caterer showed up with 3 people to work the event. THREE. (Apparently the other TEN people we were supposed to have called in sick) The food was being prepared on the ship and transported down to the hangar where the meal was served. Basically, because they were shorthanded, I was running back in forth (in my 40's attire no less) running platters of food back and forth. It was a nightmare. But, to end the evening on a perfect note, we had arranged for fireworks over the bay. As the ending notes of "P.S. I Love You" were sung by the "Andrews Sisters," the fireworks filled the sky above. So, the evening actually ended with a "bang." :-)

3. Write me one of your signature poems - this time about what happens in Georgia when it SNOWS.

I just saw the weather
Could it really be true?
We're forecast for snow
There's so much to do!

I must make a list
For supplies that I need
It could snow half an inch!
I have a family to feed!

I'm off to Home Depot
For flashlights and candles
Then I'll run into Payless
For boots to replace sandals

I'll stock up on groceries
Like cheese, milk and bread
And I'll buy some cute gloves
And a hat for my head

Could it really be happening?
Let there be no mistake
Bring out the salt trucks
I just saw a flake!

4. What's the tackiest thing you can recall ever seeing in someone's front yard?
A flag supporting Auburn University. (hee hee)

5. What do you hope others see in you? Paint a picture of the perfect Katie, in your own eyes, and in your own words.
Told you these questions were hard! The perfect Katie? There's no such a thing. But, I do hope that others see someone who is compassionate and caring and yes, even, goofy. I'd love it if I somehow the thought of a memory we've shared brings a smile to their face... I'd never want anyone to remember a "perfect" Katie (not that that's likely to happen!) Instead, I'd like to know that people remember me fondly despite my imperfect self. I found a quote yesterday that said "a true friend still thinks you're a good egg...even if you're cracked." That says it all.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Keepin' It Simple

There's somethin strange goin on. I don't know if I'm just goin through a funky phase... it's kinda hard to explain.

The first happened when I was cleaning out my purse yesterday. I am giving up my old "suitcase" of a purse in favor of a streamlined one in a desperate search for simplicity. For some reason, I suddenly have no desire to try and be "all things to all people." Nor do I want to carry around a load of supplies just in case somebody might need something. I kid you not-- it was like I was trying out for "Let's Make a Deal" where they call out some obscure object to see if anyone had it in their possession: "Does anyone have a plastic ruler," Monty Hall would call out.

"Oooh! me! me!"

"What about a deck of cards... or perhaps a sewing kit?"

I'm telling you, I had it all. Static Guard? Got it. Shout wipe? No problemo. I even had a purse full of roasted peanuts to occupy my son at a college football game. Those days are gone.
I no longer care to haul around a five 'n dime store to try to make sure I have an emergency item for anyone who might come along. I tossed out, streamlined and widdled down to the bare essentials. Wallet, sunglasses, keys, small toiletry kit and some medicine. That's it. I can't tell you how nice it is to carry around a light purse that I know contains only the essentials.

Ah, the freedom.

I also just returned from Barnes 'n Noble and experienced a strange feeling. I didn't want anything. I had absolutely no desire to buy every cookbook on the shelf just because it contained a cute cupcake recipe for a child's birthday or 50 recipes with 5 ingredients or less. I didn't care. I have enough cookbooks that I don't use. Why did I need one more? I saw no magazine that I had to have and no desk calendar or coffee mug I couldn't live without. I left with a feeling of "it was nice to browse...but I didn't need any of that stuff."

What in the heck is wrong with me?

Not that I am of a materialistic bent...I just have no desire for more "stuff" right now. I'm in a decluttering mode like never before.

Simple. Easy. No-fuss. That's what I'm talkin' bout.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ah, the possibilities

There is nothing in this world that holds as much much a newly opened box of 64 Crayola crayons.

With a built-in sharpener nonetheless.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Matters of the Heart

Many friends have inquired about why I've been so quiet of late. I'm thankful to have people in my life who care when they sense something may be wrong.

When I started this blog, it was simply a journal...a memoir of sorts for my son so that he could have a record of what his early years were like as well as his Mom's views on everyday life. I'll never forget discovering a tattered blue binder the night before my Mom's funeral. It was chock full of poetry she had written as well as the occasional essay on life in general.

It was like finding a piece of myself.

As I poured over the pages, I felt like I was learning things about my Mom that I had never known. She loved...she lost...and she had the ability to take something as obscure as a patch of moss on a rock and turn it into something beautiful. That's what I wanted to do with my blog. I wanted to create a journal of the obscure... reflections on the mundane parts of life that make up our days.

Then, I became consumed. I discovered other blogs and then linked to blogs off of those blogs...and, before I knew it, I had 40 or so (probably more) blog links on my desktop I tried to check everyday. It really got out of hand. I would get so wrapped up in people's lives that I barely managed my own.

Please don't get me wrong. If you are reading this and got here by linking to a link of a link...I'm glad you're here. As anyone who knows me will attest, I love people and sharing my life with others. But, I have discovered that a LOT of my time is spent on the computer. I do my work on the computer and then I find myself spending my free time on here as well.

I don't plan on ending my blog or forbidding myself from enjoying other blogs, either. But, what I have done is taken stock in my life. I have not felt well for a really long time. I don't get enough exercise. I need to spend more quality time with my son. Not just the "feed you, bathe you, dress you, do homework with you" time...but REAL time...Mommy-Daniel time. I want him to remember me as engaged in his day...not sitting at a computer all the time.

So, if I've been a little quiet, please forgive me. I will still post to maintain the original focus of my blog. I just won't be trying to win every bloggy giveaway ever posted and I won't be checking every blog I love EVERY day and sometimes multiple times per day.

I enjoy my time here...I just need to make sure it's not taking me away from what really counts. I know there are plenty of folks that blog and can manage their time appropriately. I've simply learned I'm not one of them. Not yet. But, I'm workin on it.

That's me...a perpetual work-in-progress!