Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Dance

I was doing the most important thing I could be doing just a few minutes ago...or so I thought. That was until a little boy clad in red and blue-striped footy pajamas changed my mind.

I was scrubbing the tub in the master bathroom and was on my hands and knees up to my elbows in Scrubbing Bubbles when I spotted Jacob shuffling in...his slightly-too-big footy pajamas irresistable to my motherly senses. Just then, the playlist on the computer in my office began to play "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban-- a song that became very dear to me during our adoption of Daniel. I reached down and held out my arms for Jacob and he willingly climbed up and laid his head gently on my right shoulder. The cadence of the song was just perfect for a slow dance with my youngest fella so I quietly slid open the sliding door and stepped out into a glorious fall evening.

As we went out onto the deck, Jacob's head lifted and he gasped at the night sky and said "stars, Momma. Stars." Millions of diamond-like clusters were suspended above us as if they were giving us our own private showing.

"You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains..." the song crooned from just inside the door. I slowly swayed back and forth when Jacob sat up, glanced at me with an indescribable look of genuine affection, kissed me and laid his lead back on my shoulder. My heart melted as my feet stepped in beat with the slow rhythm of the song pouring into the night air. A slightly warm gust of wind blew through at that moment, creating a dream-like atmosphere for me and my little man.

As I felt him relax, I leaned him back and cradled his long, lean body in my arms so that he could enjoy the breathtaking view. I danced and rocked him back and forth as he marveled at the scene above us. I continued to sing to him as he soaked it all in...his eyes filled with both wonder and contentment.

As the years go by, I know I will forget these special encounters with my boys. That is why I write. I write to celebrate and to share these parts of my life. I write so that I will never forget these priceless moments that we share. But mostly, I write so that one day a grown Jacob will be able to read about a Fall evening in 2010 when his Momma fell even deeper in love with him as she danced with him under a perfect September sky.

I love you Jacob. Thank you for the dance.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why Is There a Butcher Knife on My Desk....and Other Pointless Ramblings

There is a butcher knife sitting on my desk and I'm not really sure why.

On a daily basis I find myself piling up the non-Katie-office clutter that finds its way to my office but this one takes the cake. Was there plastic packaging that needed opening? Did I miss a news report about a mad killer on the loose and my thoughtful family members wanted me to take every precaution to protect myself? Not sure. Guess I'll go return it to its home in our knife block...but can't help but wonder: Did Mrs. Peacock do it in the Conservatory with the Butcher Knife? Hmmmm......

But seriously, how and why did it get there? There is no tellin.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The most glorious season ever created--AUTUMN--has arrived and I am school-girl giddy. The air this evening is crisp and cool causing me to ceremoniously throw all the windows and doors open to usher in this most refreshing time of year.

There is no doubt that I have an extra spring in my step as the cooler temps start becoming the norm. The oppressive summer heat only distant memory, my mind reels at the "fall-ish" recipes I want to try and the pots of mums that will soon be gracing my front porch. My favorite season also creates in me a desire to can something or harvest something so I can cook something and put in a mason jar. Have I ever done this a single day of the 39 years I have walked on this Earth? No. But Fall time inspires me. Motivates me. And yes, makes me delusional with dreams of culinary achievement. (note: a dream of culinary achievement for me right now would be buying more than one night's provisions at the store each time I go. Just sayin.)

I welcome you oh season of autumnal goodness. I can't wait to see what you have in store.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *