Sunday, March 09, 2014

Missed This Face

My dear friend Lara are having a sleepover tonight.  Course that's after we gorge ourselves on chips at the west end Chuys. :)

and...i have to add a funny side note as we get ready for bed...check out the pjs we each brought...hers red with black polka dots and mine black with red. Really not surprising at all :)

Back in Town

I've been back in Franklin for a little over an hour now and my first stop was my old house... And I couldn't have been more shocked.

Apparently no one has stepped foot on that property since the day we moved.  It's empty, overgrown and perhaps the freakiest part were our personal items that were still lying around... deck chairs, an old ball... very sad.

Now my friend Heather and I are sunning ourselves on the patio at McAlisters. Feels strange to be back for work. More to come.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Nashvegas Bound

At 10:30 tomorrow morning, I am headed north to Nashville to do an event at the Country Music Hall of Fame Monday night. Putting the event planning hat back on for a few days and it will be good to see some familiar faces. This planning process has been a whirlwind to say the least but everything has come together and I'm ready to see it to fruition Monday evening.

It's been refreshing to focus on doing one event well instead of juggling the details of 50 at one time. Let's hope all goes off without a hitch and that my client will think it's a success. Looking forward to being in the Music City again.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Keepin' It Real

In a recent conversation, my friend Debbie "gently" noted that my blog tends to make everything look pretty and perhaps does not fully reflect the everyday happenings of my life. Isn't that what blogs are for I retort? To have a place to relish life's little nuggets of happiness? But the truth is I agree with her wholeheartedly (but please don't tell her I said that.)

In hindsight, the not-so-happy times have been recorded on my blog but nine times outta ten they have a funny spin to them. Or, they are sad but stemming from grief of some sort and not just the ordinary, everyday, sometimes suckiness of life.

So here it is:

Katie's List of Three Things
That Make Me Wanna
Crawl Back in the Bed This Morning

1. iPhone Went Swimming-- well, actually it was plugged in on the kitchen counter right next to where I happened to be washing dishes after dinner. All of the sudden the flashlight feature pops on and I realize that the phone is sitting in a pool of water. Fried. Kapoot. Night night iPhone. And, with it being my only phone and I am planning an event in Nashville next week, I race to Verizon and have to purchase --at full retail price-- a new cell phone. Why? Because I am not due for an upgrade until JULY TWO THOUSAND FIFTEEN. I am now the owner of a Samsung Galaxy 3 Mini. It was cheap and the camera produces pictures that look like Fred Flinstone tapped them out on a stone tablet. But, other than that, it'll do. One thing's for sure. I've learned my lesson about washing dishes. Never again, I tell ya.

2. Satan Called and Wants His Children Back-- for some reason, my children have selected the past two days to lose their everlovin minds in the morning as we prepare for their time at the schoolhouse. Fighting, whining, wrestling, aggravating, tattling. You name it. It definitely sets a not-so-pleasant tone for the day. I threatened to stay in the shower and never come out which, at the present time, does not seem like such a bad idea.

3. Let's Get Physical-- I'm going back to the gym this morning. And I don't wanna. That is all.

OK. Hope that shows the real me. The iphone ruining, Spawn of Satan raising, lazy me. :)

Now back to our regular scheduled motivational, inspirational, make-it-all pretty programming.