Thursday, April 12, 2007

Things that Make Me Happy...

Hearing the word "Mommy"--whiny or not, a newly opened box of crayons, enough paper in the printer, a husband who still loves me 14 years later, binder clips with magnets on the back, good guacamole, red balloons, acoustic guitar, smell of fresh cut grass, roller coasters, refolding a map the right way, being called "Aunt KK", laminating sheets, my son in overalls, chocolate brown eyes with long eyelashes, apples in a bowl, gerber daisies, mountain streams, clip art, post-it notes, strawberries with Splenda, spreadsheets with formulas that work, keeping green plants alive, campfires, John Denver music, the line from Pride and Prejudice "you have bewitched me body and soul...", getting personal mail, October, my automatic shower cleaner, the sound of the ocean, golden retrievers and tennis balls, singing Amazing Grace, Mongolian chicken, the window seat, highlighters, the word "serendipity," playing Phase 10, stars, old love letters, solving a Sudoko puzzle, grande white chocolate mocha add almond, smores, doodling while on the phone, the first notes of the Alabama fight song, Tom Hanks, Psalm 51, hot buttered popcorn, poetry and rain.


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Ha! I just found this and I really do think we're twins separated at birth. I mean, how weird that we both love John Denver? So weird. And popcorn? My favorite Sunday night meal bar none.

I'm hugging you from afar.

Oh, I love Mongolian chicken too but LAWZY I can't stand the taste of the onions still in my mouth the next morning! :)

Sincerely Anna said...

The first artist I ever saw live in concert was John Denver! And I too have a love for most of these same things (my nieces call me Aunt Annie, though, not Aunt KK - but how cute is that?) I also loooove a new box of crayons, post-its, and good guac!