Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Boys of Summer--Day 6: June 3, 2014

Once again, and hopefully for the last time, The Boys of Summer and I had to play "clean the house in super speed fashion" so that a real estate agent could come and take pictures and put up the For Sale sign. It's quite a challenge to get a house ready for MLS photos when you've taken down all your decor and started packing. But, once again, we managed to make it look presentable and were all exhausted by the time they got here.

But, there are highlights to Day 6 of summertime for the fellas. First of all, we stopped by Daniel's school to pick up his report card and the boy GOT ALL A's! He was pleasantly surprised and I was THRILLED. He worked so hard this year and really applied himself (uggg...I sound like such a parent saying that) and it paid off. Way to go, D-Man!

Next up on Momma's Carousel of Summertime Fun was....GROCERY SHOPPING. Woohoooo!!! Well, I'm only half kidding because when we hit the cereal aisle their eyes lit up like Christmas trees and they each got to pick out a box (nirvana as far as they're concerned). And, like that, the Wall-Street worthy cereal negotiation began. "If you get the Rice Krispies then I'll get the Fruit Loops but if you get Trix, I'll try the strawberry Mini Wheats...." This is SERIOUS BUSINESS, Y'ALL. And, like most win-win business deals, a fair agreement was reached and we were able to move to the condiment aisle without incident.


But, after all the cleaning and running around was done, we did manage to squeeze in a little bit of summertime after dinner. Because Jacob has an ear infection, the doctor said he can't swim this week. So, it was time to pull out the second best cool-down solution--the trusty sprinkler! They had a blast and nothing screams summer vacation like peeling off wet clothes with blades of grass stuck to your legs.

See you tomorrow...

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