Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Katie Has Some Catching Up to Do

Did you know that grabbing your sunglasses off the nightstand instead of your reading glasses does not help you find your way into the bathroom without bumping into a door jam. Just sayin. Not sure why I felt I needed to share that but for the record I'm blind as a bat. OK, I digress. It's been a crazy week with my sister visiting, trying to get paperwork done for the (hopefully sometime in this century) house closing and getting Daniel ready for camp.

Here's a few pics:
Getting ready to watch the laser light show at Stone Mountain
My niece who I am fully convinced is my biological offspring
Jacob and Alden enjoying the sights from the top of Stone Mountain
What is a vacation to the ATL without a trip to the Varsity (Alden's first time!)
Love this chicky
Showing the kids the letterbox hidden at the Varsity
Absolutely love this picture of them
So now it's just Jacob here this week but with a movie date Wednesday and the (maybe just maybe it will finally happen) house closing Thursday afternoon this week will fly by. Now to go clean up the house in case an agent needs to show it. I'm sure Daniel is heartbroken he's missing out on all the fun ;)

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