Saturday, June 07, 2014

Playing Catch Up-- The Boys of Summer: June 5

Thursday was supposed to be a day where the boys entertained themselves while I tried to finish up some work for next week's event. The day started out promising as the boys quietly played card games in the dining room as I worked upstairs. It was almost blissful as I listened to them cajoling one another and Daniel being patient as Jacob learned new games like Go Fish and Slap Jack.

Then, the phone rang. And a realtor on the other end said "we'd like to show the house in an hour." UGGG. It would be only slightly less annoying if this were actually OUR house we were trying to sell but I'm actually keeping someone else's house clean and have to leave at a moment's notice. With two little fellas that lack a certain affinity for cleanliness, it can be quite challenging.

Card Sharks in the making...

So we straighten everything up, grab some tennis racquets and balls and head out to a local park to kill some time. I would love to say I participated in a grueling, calorie-burning round of sport but it was mostly me trying to show Jacob that if you spin around in circles and swing at the air like you're swatting a fly then your chances of getting a ball over the net aren't very promising. My exercise came mostly from running to the far corners to retrieve balls that the boys had lobbed into the adjacent courts. But, we were outside and trying something new. :)

Taking a break from the heated match!  LOL

Nearing the point of heat exhaustion, we decided to go get some water and ride around getting to know our new town a little better. We stumbled upon a new park in downtown Senoia that had a great playground where we commenced to playing hide 'n seek, tag and "see who make make the others gag first on the merry-go-round."  Yep, I'm the mother of boys alright.

All in all, I was thankful that the realtor forced us out of the house. I still got my work done later and took advantage of the play time with my kiddos. It actually turned out to be a really good day.

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