Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Boys of Summer--Day 7: June 4, 2014

As the sun fades on another summer day, I look back on the small things I tried to appreciate about what was a seemingly ordinary day:
  • The kindness of a youth group leader to offer Daniel a free Braves ticket to accompany a middle school group to a baseball game today.
  • My patient 6-year old watching me try on 50 outfits in a dressing room and not complaining one time
  • Laughing as my 12-year old recounted how he spent the $10 I sent him to the game with (in addition to the lunch and snacks I packed him):  unlimited popcorn bucket, cotton candy, cracker jacks and then "we stopped for ice cream on the way home!"
  • The giggles of neighborhood kids as they flew down the slip 'n slide in our front yard.
  • Breakfast for dinner and sliced strawberries and bananas for dessert
Jacob "hanging" with Cassie

Daniel gets into the action after the ballgame




There was nothing extraordinary about today. It was a hot, party cloudy, uneventful summer day. My kids got to be kids and I got to be their Mom. Doesn't get much better than that.

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