Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Canvas of My Life

In the tattered notebook
Hidden away in a letterbox
Was a stamped quote
Long ago imprinted
In a rainbow of colors

Slightly faded
Yet jumping off the page
The words spoke to me
As if they had been placed there
For my eyes only

"Life is about using
the whole box of crayons"
Such a simple concept
But far deeper in meaning
Especially to me

For I am an artist
Not museum-worthy for sure
Nor will my work grace calendars or cards
I am more of an artist by heart
Than by trade

But the words on that page
Echoed the song in my heart
Life is to be lived, breathed
With color and rhythm
But most of all feeling

I've been saving my richer colors
For a rainy day perhaps
Inspired by the words on that page
I will now put them to use
Along with the special, limited edition ones, too

I will soak in every hue I can find
The metallics and flesh tones
The magentas, and periwinkles and burnt siennas
I will use them all
The canvas of my life awaits...

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