Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Week! One Week!

7 days from today, J. will arrive.

7 days from today, our lives will forever change. I've heard more than once (actually more than 100 times) in the past month that "I have no idea how much my life is going to change with two children."

I can only imagine.

I'm sure there will be jealousy, attempts to get attention by the oldest, unexplainable crying by the youngest and moments of panic and exhaustion on our parts. I know there will probably come a time when a lack of sleep will cause me to feel both physically and emotionally drained and I'll think back on these last seven days and wonder why I was so anxious to get to the sleepness nights that accompany a newborn. I'm pretty sure there will be times when D. needs something and I'm in the middle of changing a diaper or getting J. to sleep and I'll feel torn while trying to meet the needs of two children.

These things I know.

I also know that, arriving in seven days, is a little pair of chubby knees that will grow up and get boo-boos that need to be kissed. I know that there is an older brother who will finally have a sibling...providing him with the coveted "Big Brother" title he's wanted for so long. There will be four people in our car instead of an empty seat next to D. in the back. There will be twice the giggles, twice the bedtime prayers and twice the "I love you, Mommy's." And, with two comes the security of knowing that Daniel will have a sibling with which he can share life. Yes, there will be a five-year age difference...but that gap will most likely seem smaller and smaller as the years go by.

Having two children will be a challenge and, believe me, is not something we've gone into lightly. We have waited and we have prayed and, in seven short days, our family will welcome our newest member.

I couldn't be more excited.


MelDrop said...

Not sure i've said this lately...

I can't wait to meet Jacob! And Jackson is beside himself with excitement to meet his new friend!!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

I totally lose all emotional composure every time you update, Katie. I am SO excited. Something tells me you're going to wear those sleepless nights well and manage it all like a pro - a loving, joyous, made-for-two-kids-Mom pro. I can't wait to read all about it.

Anonymous said...

We're excited for, and WITH, you!!
Hooray! One more week!
HAve you found a dresser yet??

Nicki said...

Having two kids and all the love and joy they will bring, will outweigh the arguments, time sharing and little spats by mountainous proportions! You are going to love it!

Cindy said...

Going from one to two kids is WONDERFUL!! There is nothing sweeter than watching siblings love and live and grow and laugh together. It is going to be WONDERFUL! You might have some adjustments, but I don't remember feeling like adding on a second child was difficult at all. I'm so excited for you and for Daniel! :)

Jen G said...

It's gonna be great! There is nothing quite like a new baby-it is such a miracle!! Treasure those middle of the night feedings-they are a gift of a quiet moment with just you and your little one. :)