Friday, December 28, 2007

Chicks Rule!

We had our friends Jimmy and Melissa over for a much-needed night of fun and to break in our new game: Scene It--The Music Edition. The menu included meatballs, spinach dip, buffalo chicken dip, cheese balls, marinated olives...yum yum (oh and to top it off... hot wassail and peppermint and white chocolate mousse in chocolate cups)

I may never eat again.

But, I must report that it was the chicks against the dudes and -- YES -- we stomped 'em...all while getting questions like "what was the middle name of the hairdresser that worked for Tina Turner's 2nd cousin from 1984 - 1986? Meanwhile, the men were offered mind-numbing challenges like "Name the band that sung "Celebration." Hello. Kool in the Gang. Puhleeze.

But we got 'em even after all the smack they were talking before the game. We girls have some mad music trivia skillz, I tell ya.

Gifts were exchanged, babies were fed, laughter was shared and fun was had. A very good night indeed.



MelDrop said...

oh yeah! girls rule, boys drool!! I hope your hair has grown back where jackson pulled it all out!! :-o great night!!

MelDrop said...

p.s. jimmy says "it's very rude to brag". waaaaaa, cry me a river. hehe

Missy said...