Monday, December 10, 2007

Boys 1, Mom 0

Well, I lost the battle of the inflatables.

Hubs and I have been in an ongoing discussion about whether or not we will have inflatable Christmas thingies in our front yard this year. He wants them (for D., of course) and I do not....make that, DID not.

Call me Scrooge, Grinch, what have you...I just am not a big fan of the blow up snowman or Santa Clause--both of which now call my front yard their temporary home. My dear hubby argues that kids love them and why shouldn't we do it for our son? I do understand that and that is the main reason I gave in. I guess my beef is that they are EVERYwhere. And, I just wanted to do something a little different. Oh well.

The main point of contention came when I agreed to the snowman, off to the side a bit, but no Santa. Let a girl ease into the idea, you know. Apparently hubs FORGOT our compromise. As I descended the stairs this evening, I spotted the jolly ol' man in all of his illuminated red glory right in the smack dab middle of our front island nearest the road.

And, of course, when I mention it to my hubby, he responds (in an UNwhispered voice), "OK, we'll take Santa down, Mommy." Yeah sure, make Mom the "heavy." I might as well have declared there is no Christmas right then and there because the look on my son's face was pure horror.

As much as I like to imagine that having another child will give me someone for "my team," I am not that naive. Next Christmas, it will be three against one and our front yard will probably look like a new reality show "Inflatable Nation."

I'm gonna need some of that "special" egg nog, if you know what I mean.

With Fondest Seasonal Greetings I Remain,

The Mommy That Wanted to Kill Santa Clause


Mari said...

Sorry you lost - I don't like them either! Thank goodness no one in my house likes them either so I won't have that battle!

Cindy said...

Thanks for your email the other day. I keep meaning to write you back. I will eventually! :)

We are very fortunate to have a neighbor across the street with an inflatable Santa On A Harley, Snowman, Santa In A Hammock, Spinning Penguin, and other assorted light up things. SOOO, my kids get the joy of those when looking out the window, yet they aren't in MY yard! :) Oh, and btw, that family has no small children. Teens and older.

I love that soon you'll be able to keep score with the "boys" beating you and you won't even have to include Keith in there. It could be "boyS vs. parents." :)

I'm trying to type this comment with three kids playing Operation and talking to me at the same time, so if it makes no sense, blame it on Milton Bradley.

Jennifer said...

Oh I am with you. I do not care for those things either. I do however tend to bend a little when it comes to doing things for "the kids". I guess we just need to remind ourselves that it is their front yard also not just ours.

Anonymous said...

Same here. Not a fan of them. But, we all give in to our children at one point or another just to see those precious smiles on their faces!

Shannon P.

MelDrop said...

No worries, with this heat wave we're having, they'll probably deflate and melt away!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

We had a special covenant added to our marriage vows that went something like this:

"... to love, honor, cherish, and never ever EVER put inflatables on the marital property of..."

So that hasn't been an issue for us.

Maybe you should suggest vows renewal on your next anniversary?

Janet said...

When they are deflated in the daytime they remind me of a crime scene.

Anonymous said...

I knife has been driven into the heart of my Christmas spirit!!!


Anonymous said...

We're down to ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon P~

Beth said...

I feel your pain! I do not like those things.

My son keeps begging for one starting at Halloween when the pumpkings and witches start to pop up. Then it's the turkeys and then it's Santa.

Luckily my husband doesn't like them either. Perhaps yours will "accidentally" get a big hole in it?

Nicki said...

My youngest son loves airplanes, so my husband bought a six-foot inflatable airplane holding Santa. He is planning to hang it from our family room ceiling fan (where we have two-story ceilings) on Christmas Eve so the kids see it first thing Christmas morning. This should be interesting, to say the least!