Sunday, December 23, 2007

J., the Wonder Boy

Our youngest has been a real trooper with the amount of visitors we have been blessed with over the past few days. In fact, we're thinking about installing one of those suspended swinging doors on the front and requiring folks to utter "Howdy, Pardner" as they come through the door.


A little.

Our child has slept soundly through kids running through the house, adults laughing, vacuums name it. He is a champ! A very wise lady told me to not alter our schedules/routines or noise level to accommodate him and she was right. He is so sweet and calm and PATIENT. He's patient as Mommy tries her best to get little bent arms to straighten out into sleeves of sweet little sleeping gowns. He's patient as I change his diaper for the umpteeth time or take yet another picture of him sleeping. He's really a wonderful baby.

It's a really weird feeling in our household right now. It feels as if we've already had our Christmas...yet it's still a couple days away. This really has been the most exciting, special holiday of our lives.

And I know in my heart...there are so many more to come.


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

He sounds like a seriously good little baby! You are all so blessed. I don't blame you a bit for feeling Christmas came early, and I'm so thrilled for your family! I can't wait to watch you all grow together.

Hugs - M

Cindy said...

What a perfect Christmas present you received this year... and what could be a better reminder of the original Christmas gift than a tiny little baby sent to you?

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

He wounds so sweet. Merry Christmas!

Missy said...

Katie, I tagged you!

Have a wonderful Christmas!