Tuesday, November 13, 2007

All Things Baby and Such

Y'all, I just have no idea what I'm doin. God willing, I am having a baby in less than a month! I have been nesting like a maniac, too. What in the blue moon would possess me to completely rearrange the contents of my entire kitchen (cabinets, drawers, and all).

Sidenote to sis-in-law ... do you remember helping me fill all those cabinets? Yeah, um, that's what it looked like. :-)

Call me crazy, but I want this house to be as organized as possible when he gets here. So I have one less thing to worry about while I'm trying to figure out how you feed something so small. That and how in the hey doodle to get the buttons on those button-up-the-leg onesie thingies to line up so I don't always have the one button left that signifies I did it wrong and I have to start over.

They don't call me Anal Annie for nothin', folks.

So, I cleaned out the guest room closet (a.k.a. Dumping Ground For All Things We Don't Have A Place For) and now it's piled up in the hallway. That is until I find a new D.G.F.A.T.W.D.H.A.P.F.) Last night I hung some of the clothes I've gotten for him in the closet and it's just too darned sweet for words. For an admitted "not-really-a-baby-person" person, there's something about little bitty clothes hanging there that does something to you. I was folding Daniel's clothes at the same time and they looked simply GINORMOUS in comparison.

As Turkey Day appraoches, we're trying to wrap up a lot of the details of our home study update (medical visits, fingerprints, vet check, pediatrician check, financial update, yada yada yada....) I must say, our home has been STUDIED so much in the past four years (this is our third official home study since our last one expired) that we oughta have a plaque to put at our front door. You know the ones they put in front of older homes to proclaim they're antebellum and such? Why not a plaque that reads "This Home is Certified To Be Free of All Non-Parental Vibes" or something?

So, I forge on. I review diaper disposal systems and take the cover of my stroller to the dry cleaners. I read the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting a Baby Out of the Blue in Three Weeks" (ok, so I fudged on the title a smidge but you get the idea) and I pray.

I pray for the birthmother who has a very hard decision in front of her. I pray that she won't meet me in person next Monday and immediately change her mind. I pray that I won't pass out in a stress-induced state on the WAY to said meeting which would not present a most "together" front for our team.

But most of all...I pray for that baby. If he ends up in our home or doesn't...I pray that he will be safe, and warm and showered with kisses...and that he will always know that he is loved.

That is my biggest prayer of all.


Honey+2B's said...

Katie, how exciting! From a fellow anal person to another...You know it'll get messy before it gets clean! So I'm sure the end result of all your nesting will be beautiful! And don't worry about those button-up-the-leg onesies, in my opinion, they sould make those easier to button up!
I wish you all the best!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Um... I think I might pass out FOR you. I hyperventilated when I saw you'd updated. Not a good sign for things to come. I'm so excited and I'll pray your list with you, okay?

Cindy said...

I so love your last paragraph.
Blessings to you today!!
How is your little man feeling about it?

Anonymous said...

I'm praying all the same things right along with you!!!
Much love to you today!

Anonymous said...


When Debbie told me the news, I about screamed. What excitement!! I hope all works out in the end.

-Mr. Burns

Anonymous said...

Katie-I just read on Galloping Cows about your news. I will pray for you.

Melissa's Mom

Nicki said...

I remember the days of getting ready for a new baby, although I had a lot more time to do so. It is fun and stressful at the same time! Enjoy it!

Debbie said...

I love your last prayer, that's a mom's prayer if ever there was one.

BKB said...

Does the baby really care if the dishes are beside the stove or the fridge?

BTW, have you seen my chia pet? I put it in the closet with all that other stuff with no home.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! What great news! I'm soooo excited for you and your family!!! I'll be praying that all goes smoothly for you all.

Shannon Pinchok

Jen G said...

I'm so excited for you guys!!! There is nothing quite like a new baby in the house :)

Beth said...

Your prayers are beautiful!