Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tragedy in the Rainforest

So there I was, lodged in the curve of a semi-circle booth in the back corner of the Rainforest Cafe Saturday afternoon. My blue jeans glided smoothly onto the toucan-laden vinyl seats as the "ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh" chants of the mechanical monkeys welcomed us from their perch in the fake foliage above. Normally one to enjoy such an intriguing dining experience, I had but one thing on my mind: the BBQ Chicken Wrap.

To the un-dietarily focused reader, this might not seem like such a big deal. But, for the record, I have never visited the Rainforest Cafe and not partaken of the BBQ Chicken Wrap. It's pretty much everything I like about food. A buttery soft tortilla encasing a sweet and tangy BBQ chicken, cilantro, green onions and four (yes four) kinds of cheeses.

Come to Mama.

But as the faux thunderstorm clapped above us, I surveyed the menu in search of a, ahem...HEALTHIER alternative. Now, depending on your particular food tastes, this might not go down in the "Tragedy" column of your personal record books. And I know every time I post one of those "It's Clicked" weight loss tickers on my blog it makes it look so easy.

It's anything but. Especially when you're in a dark corner of a fake jungle with elephants roaring, lights flickering on and off, and a 7-month old squirming in your arms like a cage dancer on Solid Gold. I wanted a BBQ Chicken Wrap in all its cheesy glory. It's not that I couldn't have it, it's that I shouldn't have it. That's the tough part.

So, I did not order it. And, life went on. The world did not tilt on its axis because Katie didn't order the BBQ Chicken Wrap. But I can admit that I was not the happiest camper on the block for a little while. I pouted...a little. I grieved...a little. I ate grilled shrimp and veggies and dreamed of the cheesy, tangy goodness of which I'd deprived myself. But then I got over it.

And just as I was sliding out of my seat to leave, a server came up with several plates on his arm and said to the lucky patron in the next booth "BBQ Chicken Wrap?"

The little ironies of life never cease to amaze me.


MiaKatia said...

You are too funny! And I am glad you stayed strong and that you are BACK!!!

Melissa said...

You are a better woman than I am. I think that, mathematically, my cheese weakness is reflected like this: "as the number of cheeses increases, the strength of my willpower decreases proportionally".
Well Done YOU!! :o)