Friday, June 20, 2008

Back from Indy

Apologies for my absence...I drove up to Indianapolis to do some pre-planning for our conference this October. And, my laptop is on the blink so no on-the-road bloggin' for me. (I will admit that it was kinda nice to have a break from the computer screen for a few days, though!)

I gotta tell you, folks. I LOVE Indianapolis. AB-sol-lute-ly love it. Truthfully, I was somewhat dreading that locale because I had never been there and it seemed like it had nothing to offer. Boy was I ever wrong.

Indy is a beautiful downtown with tons to do and see. It's a compact city with clean streets, friendly people, a canal snaking past cool museums and a zoo-- not to mention a gorgeous new stadium for the Colts. I dined at sidewalk cafes and walked around to the various spots we're using for our off-site functions and I never felt anything but safe.

And the food? People. The food. This was tough from the get-go since it was my first trip on the new program. But, I have never had such delicious salads and yummy steak and...and...well, it was allllllllll good. Especially the Asiago-Almond Pan Seared Scallops. Oh my good grief they were good. They weren't just good.... they were INCREDIBLE. Nestled atop a bed of orzo with sauteed asparagus and sweet roasted red peppers.......

OK, enough. I'm getting hungry.

Anyhoo--- I'll try to post some pics when I get unpacked. But, here's what I didn't get to post from Tuesday:

woo hooooooooo :)


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My Goodness said...

Glad you had a nice trip!!
Great job! :)

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You rock!