Sunday, June 01, 2008

Can My Title Be : "Car Ridin, Beachy Things, Family Time, Pound Cake Avoidance and Other Vacation Recollections"?

It can? OK, so shall it be.

After going six days without posting, this road-weary traveler isn't sure where to start?

Maybe I should do a Trip in Pictures! Who can resist a good picture, right? And think of all the describin' I can spare you from? (oops-- I ended in a preposition... think of all the describin' from which I can spare you... is that better? One never knows when one's seventh grade grammar teacher or grammatically superior former coworker might be reading. I'm just saying.)

Did I digress? I don't digress, do I? Am I a habitual digresser? Digressor? Can you tell I'm in classic Blog Post Avoidance Mode? Ok, Ok, I'll get to it.

OR...maybe I won't. I have tried for two days to upload pics and each. and. every. time I do it shuts down my blog. Curses!

So [evil laugh] you get poetry. Oh yeah. That's right. A little versin' as I'm cursin'. OK, I'm not really cursin. But it VERY FRUSTRATING. Just think, once I figure out why my blog has gone postal on me, I will add the pictures, too. It'll be an EXTRAVAGANZA of VACATION DELIGHT. Oh yes it will.

Suffice it to say, our week was full of car ridin, potty breaks, sand, surf, a baby's first taste of the ocean and lots of quality family time. It was glorious. So, here comes some rhymin':

Twas a week of vacation
'Cross more than one state
We started at my inlaws
And got in quite late

Had fun with the family
All the kids came
With sunshine and swimming
The little ones we tamed

There was lots of good cookin'
That I couldn't eat
(And my mom-in-law's poundcake
Simply canNOT be beat)

I spent the whole week
Staying true to my plan
Then I went to eat mexican
With my kids and my man

The corn chips, they got me
I ate way too much
I hope I don't pay for it
When a scale my feet touch

But back to vacation
What a great week we had
Spent time with Keith's family
Then visited my Dad

There was fun at the beach
And a waterpark, too
And then, we were packin'
Boy, time really flew!

We took lots of pictures
Which I hope to soon add
To show all the world
What a great time we had!

* * *


MiaKatia said...

You are too cute and I am glad that you are back! I for one am excited to see the pictures. Hope you can figure your out why your blog is having issues!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! You are amazing...SO proud of your willpower...
Love denny