Friday, May 30, 2014

The Boys of Summer-- Day 4: May 30, 2014

TGIF! :)  Even though it's summertime, Fridays have a different cadence than the rest of the week. Here's a quick look at how The Boys of Summer spent their first Friday out of school. These first two are for anyone that might think that I only put the good stuff on my blog. This is reality!

1. Strawberry Milk Spillage-- my youngest has a drinking problem. He actually doesn't get to drink because he spills it EVERY. TIME. I watch it happen in slo-mo. It's as if a meal isn't complete without his glass tumping over. Yes I said TUMPING. It's tipping and dumping combined and I will never stop saying it. Tumping. Tumping. Tumping. LOL

No crying over spilled (strawberry) milk
2.  How to Flip a Fried Egg 101--my 12-year old watched me flip his eggs yesterday and was determined to try it. He flipped it and it landed square in the pan. Success! But, today was a different story. He had two eggs ready to flip over and he said "watch Mom!" I turned just in time to see the eggs completely miss the pan hanging in mid-air and plopped right down on the hot cooktop. Pppsssssssszzzzzzzz (is that how you spell a sizzling sound?) Anyway, it made a big ol' mess. He looked at me like I was going to be mad and I busted out laughing. The look on his face was priceless.

Egg disaster in the hands of a well meaning 12-year old
3. Double Trouble--these boys have known each other forever and are pretty much like brothers. The boys and I met my friend Cindy and her boys Ethan and Caleb for lunch at Zaxby's today. It was good to catch up and give the guys a chance to hang out. Our time together always flies by and is good for the soul. :)

A pack of trouble! :)
4. Pickin' Time--I'm not sure if the boys knew what to expect when I said we were going to a farm to pick strawberries but they had an absolute ball. Jacob's specialty was finding the hidden ones and Daniel was able to sense out the big, juicy ones. Part of the fun was being able to eat some along the way. Those were the sweetest strawberries I've ever tasted. And, as I type, they are being blended into homemade strawberry ice cream. Heaven.
His first strawberry. J-Rock was so proud

Jacob couldn't stop eating them long enough to pose for a pic!
This boy LOVED picking strawberries
Working the fields :)
4. Veggies for Supper--one of my favorite meals is veggies from a farmers market for supper. While we were at Whitley Farm we picked up squash, corn, and okra to go with sliced tomatoes for dinner. The boys were begging to help chop veggies and help cook (which surprised the heck outta me but I was thrilled.)
Wildflowers from Jacob
Fresh squash. YUM.
Soon-to-be-fried okra. Come to mama.
Peeling ginormous carrots :)
The boys were eager to help was so nice!
From spilled milk and egg disasters to a fun time making dinner together, Day 4 of summer was perfect in its own, wacky, imperfect way. I sure do love my Boys of Summer.

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