Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Boys of Summer-- Day 3: May 29, 2014

Day 3 has come and gone and it was a good one I must say. It started with a nice, peaceful (and RARE) quiet time with my 12 year old as he crawled in bed to talk to me. Soon, we were interrupted by none other than Buzz Lightyear (in a costume almost two sizes too small I might add. My chance for grandchildren from that one just dwindled mightily.)

Don't let the sweetness fool you :)
Buzz and his trusty sidekick
Why most of my pictures of these two are blurry!

Wrestling ensued and pretty soon hunger overtook them and we headed into the kitchen to make CRAZY PANCAKES. They are fascinated when I squeeze a few drops of food coloring on the batter as they cook so they can swirl it around with a knife. Entertaining these two is not really that hard :)

Crazy Pancakes

Then it was time for their least favorite part of any day:  Running Errands. We got Daniel signed up for church camp at the end of this month (yes, Cindy, I just signed him up. Hush.) Next stop was the gas station where Jacob got to pump gas for the first time. You'da think the boy won the lottery. Daniel loves mowing grass and Jacob likes pumping gas. This whole "having boys" thing is really working out in my favor. Now if I could only get them to LOVE doing laundry. Oh well.

So proud of his new task
The rest of the day was fun, fun, fun. And because Mom forgot to charge her phone overnight, the battery was low and I couldn't snap pictures. So, let's use our imagination:

(insert pictures of the boys and I meeting my pal Debbie at The Mellow Mushroom for lunch and Jacob whining because he thinks the star he drew on his coloring page looks like it's been smooshed and Deb and I gobbling down an oh-so-good buffalo chicken pizza)

Got it? Onto our next pretend pictures...

Next up, we went to my friend Tammy's parents' pool and the boys swam with their friend Ella ALL AFTERNOON. (insert colorful summery pictures of the kids splashing, Daniel learning to dive, Jacob doing cannonballs, Ella wearing her pink mermaid swim thingy and Katie's white skin which, as of last night, is now a white outline of a bathing suit on red skin.)  Tammy and I enjoyed chatting and there was plenty of laughter coming from the kiddos.

All in all, it was a great summer day. 

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