Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Career Options :)

I am a woman in need of distraction.  And what better way than mowing lawns and painting tshirts?

It started with my yard on Monday.  Navigating the hilly terrain on a zero-turn mower proved challenging to say the least but I was proud of the result. Next on the landscaping list was my pal Debbie's yard, er, RANCH.  A different type of tractor that required jumping off (a comedy routine at its best) but the satisfaction of neatly mowed rows was pretty rewarding (and I'm actually developing a sun tan for the first time in my life!)

Now it's costumes for my youngest son's school play.  Fruit flies.  I just can't land the kitty cat or lion gig, can I? Fruit flies.  So here's the work in progress... painting tshirts. Next up: wings!

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