Thursday, May 22, 2014

So Proud of the J-Rock

Today was Jacob's Kindergarten play as well as his Awards Day. I could not have been more proud of this little guy. There is a special honor called the Bronco Award given to one boy and one girl who exemplify leadership, kindness, and willingness to help others and Jacob received this today! He also received the Citizenship Award and they made him a special certificate called the Helping Hand award for his attitude and how he is always ready to help his teachers and friends.  I was one proud Mama today.
The entire cast of Bugz ~ May 22, 2014
Jacob and Liam doing their speaking parts as fruit flies
A glimpse at the wings... spray paint and glitter can work wonders :)
Awards Ceremony in his classroom

A bulletin board I did for them yesterday for today's ceremony

Jacob and his best friend Liam being silly... as usual!

Ms. Emily ~ the assistant teacher in his class
Ms. Cofer ~ his Kindergarten teacher

Jacob and pal Ryder
50's day (captured from class video)

Jacob on Field Day (from class video)

The groomsmen of the Q & U wedding (from class video)

Bronco Boy -- so proud of my little man :)

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Sincerely Anna said...

Such fun things he did in school and being publicly recognized for being kind to others is really neat. I know you're proud!