Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Long Night: The Arrival of Swimmer's Ear

Oh the joy of summer...endless days of splashing about in pools of cool, refreshing water. Oh the woe that comes along with it:  SWIMMER'S EAR. Shortly after I went to bed last night, Jacob came downstairs crying and complaining of an earache. That was the beginning of a sleepless night for Momma and the J-Rock. Armed with a warm rice sock, we alternated Tylenol and Motrin all night and dozed on and off on the living room couch. His pitiful little whimper made me feel so helpless but the more he hurt the closer he snuggled in to me which really warmed my heart.

The doctor this morning confirmed an ear infection and said no swimming for one week. (Boo)  Besides swimmer's ear drops, I've received several recommendations that will help (including his new Nemo Ear Plugs which he's mighty proud of).

We have many more days of swimming ahead of us and you better bet next time we'll be better prepared! Now, if only there was something to help with the every-other-minute question of "can I go swimmin' yet, Momma???"

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