Sunday, February 23, 2014

What'll Ya Have?

I've been going to the Varsity since I was in the womb but I still whip out the camera every time I take my boys there. I'm not really sure why. We've eaten there dozens of times but I always feel the need to document the outing.

As you can tell, my too-cool twelve year old is not always thrilled with my photographic enthusiasm:

Isn't it in the Mommy Manual to torture your kids in public? Yes? I thought so. Photo shoots rank right up there with using phrases liked "that's jacked up" or belting out Demi Lovato tunes in front of their friends. Not that I've done that or anything. 

Hey at least I didn't make him wear the paper hat this time. I am a fount of compassion, I am.

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DebbieBB said...

You speak of these Varsity trips, but yet I've never gotten an invite. Hmmmm.