Friday, February 21, 2014

S'more Friends Come to Visit

A day that started out with a thunderstorm ended up being beautiful and ending with laughter, friends and a breathtaking sky full of stars.

We also gained neighbors... our friend John and his son Evan. They are our camping buddies and the boys play great together.

My friend Tammy and her daughter Ella came to hang out again and then her hubby Jerry joined us for dinner after work. We cooked out, solved the world's problems then (attempted to) made S'mores. Each marshmallow that met an untimely death in the fire was met with more laughter. We're clearly in need of some trainin'. Just sayin.

As soon as our company left, all the men folk crashed so here I am with my thoughts, my blog and 10 uneaten Hershey bars. Sometimes being a night owl has its perks.

Night y'all.

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