Monday, February 24, 2014

Having No Bieber Fever Will Get You on TV...Apparently

Saying No to The Beebs?
I turned on the news this morning to see a reporter covering what he claimed was a "media circus" and a protest against Justin Bieber relocating to Atlanta. The camera then panned to show a middle-aged man in a sport coat holding a poster board saying "NO BIEBER" and two other people standing beside him with their arms folded. There was also a father and his teenaged daughter a few yards away there to support The Beebs.

REALLY?!  This is breaking news in the ATL? There were over two dozen reporters on a street corner to cover a guy with a homemade poster? I guess I'm lucky to live in a city where this is the most pressing issue we have to worry about.

Regardless of his brushes with the law or reckless behavior, do these people really believe that standing in front of a house that he reportedly looked at buying with a homemade sign is going to keep him from moving to Atlanta? And why does it matter? Are they afraid he'll draw a switchblade on them at Kroger or are they more afraid he might break into "Baby Baby" in line behind them at the Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Who knows? But there HAS to be be something more newsworthy than that going on in this town, folks.
By the son's kindergarten class is almost out of glue sticks. I'm sure Channel 2 is planning to cover that at 11.

Exciting times, y'all.

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DebbieBB said...

Sure it's not news to you; he's not moving to your neighborhood - the HORROR! ;-)