Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Tooth Fairy PayPal Account is Now Active, Operators Standing By

OK folks. The Tooth Fairy is tapped. After paying up for two teeth that came out naturally in the past few weeks, my oldest son Daniel had four (yes, 1,2,3, FOUR) teeth extracted today to make room for ones that need to come in. The poor guy has a sum total of TWO teeth (his middle bottom two) in the front of his mouth. He was a champ and really bounced back this evening...especially when the electric glow of dollar signs beamed from his eyes as he retired to his sleeping chamber for the evening.

It was the stuff sweet memories are made of. It was so Little House on the Prarie-esque. It was such a Norman Rockwell-would-paint-this kinda parenting moment. As he turned to walk down the hall he said, "Mom, the tooth fairy is going to pay up, isn't she???"

Ahhh...tender moments.

So, as I Google recipes that can be pureed in a blender, please consider making a donation to our Tooth Fairy PayPal account at OK, you really didn't click on that link did you? I am so totally joking. But hey....maybe it's not such a bad idea????? Instead of the stainless steel bling they put on two of his teeth, maybe we could get gold ones with stars or a peace sign engraved on them.

Hmmmmmm. This could be the start of somethin.

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MiaKatia said...

Zo had four teeth pulled the day before Thanksgiving. How is that for a mean mom!