Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Boy School, Heel Shots and Other Titilating Reasons Why I'm a Blog Slacker

Yeah, I know.

I remembered today that I actually have a blog that a handful of wonderful, distinguished, amazing people read every day. That is, if I were to actually write something every day.

I thought I had this moving thing licked. Well, after dealing with a psycho of a "handy"man supposedly doing work on the house we're selling and then fussing with my hubby on Easter morning as we rummage through boxes to fnd a lost "Easter Shoe" (sounds like a children's book title)...well, I realized I do NOT in fact enjoy the process of moving, thankyouverymuch. No, I'm tired as can be of digging through boxes of STUFF--stuff that was once neatly organized contents of desk drawers, spice cabinets, belt racks-- all jumbled together in an unsightly concoction and tossed willy nilly into a box. Lawd.

Oh yeah, and moving with a three month old? Do. Not. Do. This. He has been an absolute champ but mama's nerves get fried real easy when the Cryin' and the Fussin' starts and I can't get anything done. Do not get me wrong, folks...I love him and his smiles make each day worth getting up for...but when da' boy needs da' attention...he demands it. My sis-in-law Tonia is here this week helping out. She is also under the impression that she is getting to leave on Friday. Yeah, um, that's not gonna' happen. I've bribed her with honey and almond body lotion, Sun Chips and even cough drops (I'll stop at nothin, people). What more could a girl want?

D. started "Big Boy" school this week (a.k.a. public kindergarten) that goes all day. He is really adjusting beautifully but, boy howdy is it an adjustment for us all. He is exhausted at the end of the day and I really do miss him being with me all afternoon. I just have to say, though, that me in the car rider lane on the first day was pretty funny. I had NO IDEA what I was doing and people who have been doing this little procedure all year are all pulling up to The Designated Spot That Everyone Knows About Except Me and jumping out, grabbing a child--any child-- and hopping back in and zooming off. I should have had Tonia time me with a stop watch so I can have a baseline on which to improve. My measure of success was having a kid in my back seat that happened to be mine. I think we're off to a good start.

Heel shots. No, this is not something you do at a bar; rather, it is a fun little process you go through on a doctor's table as he comes at you with a needle squirting out heaven only knows what kinda liquid (turns out to be Cortisone). I apparently have Plantar Faciitis on the heel of my right foot and, folks, it sho' is painful. Besides hobblin' like a little ol' lady after sleeping or sitting for a long period of time, it has crawled up the back of my leg to compensate for me only using the ball of my foot. Good times. Going to the airport tomorrow and touring numerous hotels in the greater Baltimore area for a couple days. My timing is IMPECCABLE. I'm so proud of my special gift in that area.

OK, it's 2a.m. folks and I'm not going to even tell you what time we're heading to the airport in the morning (cough, 6am) so I'd better sign off.

If I haven't completely lost my entire lot of readers with my negligence, please say "hello." I'm not brave enough to call for a total Reader Delurking (calling out all those readers who read but don't comment) know, it's the same fear as planning a party and no one showing up...but I would like to hear from you if you get a sec.

Hope all is well wherever you are. I'm gonna hobble my hobblin' self downstairs and pack. Er, I mean get in the bed.

Nighty night.


Anonymous said...

Here's my HELLO! :)

I was reading you even before our own move back in November, but now I can really, *really* relate to so much of what you have going on! Much the same way I have milked the "I just had a baby" excuse after he was born, I'm still using the "we just moved here" excuse to explain all the ways I'm out of the loop on various school/community norms I have no idea about. (so of course I chuckled lovingly about the school pick up line!)

And I SO get your struggles with baby (Eli was 3 months when we moved!). We lived in a hotel as a family for a week between houses, and my stress level was sky high because of my dear, also demanding baby. (heaven forbid any of the business travelers around us hear him crying in the middle of the night!!!)

Oy, it's a process that'll give ya some grays, but you're doing beautifully!

( heart goes out to you and your foot. i know that pain, and it's a doozie!!)

reprehriestless warillever said...

I'm still reading :)

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Oh, hang in there, friend. It gets better eventually. The necessities get all unpacked, the fussy times get fewer and farther in between, and the carpool line becomes second nature. Hope the foot responds to the (seriously awful sounding) shot and you can enjoy a little "break" from everything at home while you're working.

Anonymous said...

I've been in the new house for 4 months and I still haven't found all my "stuff." I declared a stuff moratorium after the move and have stuck by it pretty well. Really once you've packed, moved and unpacked all your stuff, you are not tempted by new stuff not one bit... at least for 4 months, and counting.

Stuff for your children being an obvious exception... and then there's cool kitchen stuff that will really HELP your family daily... perhaps my moratorium is starting to feel a little shakey.


Myrtle's Mayhem said...

I am still a lurker and am not going anywhere! Your stories are witty, fun and just plain fabulous! Keep um' coming!

Amber said...

i always look forward to you popping up with a new post in my bloglines. i will stick with you in these hard, hard times :)

Anonymous said...

Have a safe, wonderful time in BMore and remember to always always ALWAYS associate that great city with the best news of your life!! C

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Still here and lovin' ya! Sure hope your foot issue is better by the time you make (made) it to B'more...enjoy your time away.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I'm always here. :)
Hope the days get easier for you, my friend!!!

Melissa said...

Dear, sweet, Katie. Even though my own cupboards are not yet organized from my move in November, and my "office" still has more boxes than usable-pens...I'd come out and help you in a heartbeat if I could!
I'm glad D is adjusting well, and I know that after a few days in the big city, your boys will all appreciate everything you do even more than they already do. :o)
Much love and hugs!

christine said...

I still am trying to accept the fact that you are gone! I can so relate to moving issues, but remember the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. I have found that when you unpack boxes 3 years after packing them it is like having Christmas in the middle of the year!!
Have a great weekend away, am praying for your heel. Love to read your blog when you can get to it--I understand that pressure, too. Love ya!

Jeanette said...

Katie, I enjoy reading your blog so very much. Your writings have touched my heart, made me laugh, and brought back memories of my kids when they were little. The way you talk about your family is truly uplifting.
I can relate to the moving too. I have moved about 13 times. Five of those being in the last 3 years.
I am not going anywhere, I am a fan of your blog and will read it if you only post once a month.
Besides your almost a neighbor now that your in Nashville. You're only an hour away.

AnnMarie said...

whew you have alot goin' on! i am lurking but keeping up with all your goings on :)


Alice Wills Gold said...

love the slacker...I may have to reference that.