Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1,053 Things To Update You On

1. The movers left yesterday after unpacking all our stuff
2. Unpacking by movers consists of them emptying all of your stuff onto whatever solid surface they can find and then they leave
3. I shant be utilizing unpacking services in the future
4. You don't really think I am going to list 1,053 things, do you?
5. I probably could, though
6. I love our new area
7. I love our new house--even though we're renting
8. I love our new SuperTarget enough that my hubby has already banned me from going there because I went in for a plunger Sunday night and left with $195 worth of stuff
9. Yes, D. really needed those flip flops
10. And yes, I really needed that lite garlic herb cream cheese
11. Our new neighbors brought us food. I love them.
12. D.'s new school is out in the country....it's such a BEAUtiful drive
13. At church Sunday, I saw a friend of mine that I graduated high school with...he and his wife also adopted a son from Russia and have a 6-year old boy. Small, small world.
14. I think my 6 year old is going for a record for swinging on a backyard swing. He loves that thing.

OK, I'll spare you more laundry list. We love it here. I am loving the rolling countrysides that greet me everywhere and the big, open skies and friendly people. I am loving the AMOUNT OF STORAGE we have in this house and am wondering how in the heck we're going to be able to match it when we either buy or build in a year or so. Hubs is loving his job and he really enjoys having someone say "hey--we're so glad you're here." Who wouldn't love to hear that?

There was so much to update you on but my mind is failing me. I really did spend $195 in Target because, well, it's Brand Spankin' New. New cool plastic buggies, clean aisles fully stocked with stuff. Did I mention I went there alone? I was in heaven.

I am trying to dig out from under the Pile o' Mess I was left with yesterday. My kitchen....oh, my kitchen. It waits for me, begging for me to relieve its counters of the random objects perched there. In one spot is a sticky note pad, a small whisk, extra buttons, a stray cookbook, parts to a slicing thingie, a puzzle and my camera battery charger. Do you see why that stresses me out? I quite prefer the neat stack of dishes waiting to be tucked away. Oh, yeah. Me likey the stacked stuff.

The boys are doing well and are adjusting to their new place. It feels good here. I'm excited to see what our new area holds in store!


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear from you and know you're doing well and feeling happy in your new place! Sounds like a really nice location (anywhere there's a Super Target can qualify as a nice location). Happy you're happy and looking forward to pictures when you find the camera to go with the charger!

Kickboxing Mama said...

So glad you all are safe and sound?? Where did you end up finding a house?

Kickboxing Mama said...

Ok, it was suppose to say:

So glad you all are safe and sound!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hip hip hooray!!! (and personally, I think you showed GREAT RESTRAINT by only spending $195 at a SuperTarget. I mean, c'mon!...) :)

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Yeah!! So glad to see you here! :) I'm excited for you guys. Wish I could come over and help unpack your kitchen. :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm new here, so maybe it's not right to ask: But can we see pictures?!?

By the way, when we moved last August, I almost lived at Super Target. And I may have cried tears of joy every time I walked in for the first few months. I was so happy to be freed from Wal-Mart.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new home! Hooray! So glad to hear your great report! Many happy memories have already begun---aaahh...picture perfect!

Amber said...

A few great thing I love about that area:

1) PD's in Franklin, you must go
2) H.R.H Dumplins in Franklin, eat the huge rolls
3) Drive Natchez Trace

I wish I was there :)

Anonymous said...

Most importantly, you are back ONLINE! LOL!
I am so happy to read a new blog that I would have read all 1053 things :-)
Don't get me started about Super Target...welcome to the New Super Target Addiction Club - the people at our new ST know me and Alden by first names...
You better get the camera working and post or send me pics of everything...SOON!
I love you and miss you all...you seem SO far away but I am glad to know that you and the boys are settling in well.
Give Keith a hug and let him know that we are all so happy for him. He deserves it!
Love - Denny

Anonymous said...

So where did you end up?!?! We miss you already! Fill us in more! I was just in Franklin for 4 days. I'll be back in June for 4 more. :-)

Oh - H.R.H. Dumplins in Franklin is a must....but there's so much else there you must do as well! (There's a bakery there in downtown Franklin...Meridees......it's F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!) :-)


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, yes. I remember storage. What is it about the ATL area that's against it?? I agree that Dumplin's is a must. I thought that was just an AL thing. You will go crazy over the rolls! Glad to hear y'all love it already. Sniff, sniff. :)

Sincerely Anna said...

Yay! D has a swing in the backyard! I remember your post about his swing at the old house - so happy to hear that he's enjoying one at the new one.

I would love a trip to a Super Target all by myself - that does sound heavenly. I haven't been able to have that one trip post-baby yet and I'm really looking forward to it. I might be there for hours.

Glad that all is well - J is ADORABLE! Oh my gosh, just adorable!

Joanna said...

Glad everything is turning out good. And ye-haw on loving the area. Would have been much worse if you missed the old place.