Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Interviewin' with Okra

Thought the title might be just weird enough to get your attention. :-) My bloggy friend Megan over at FriedOkra sent me some questions that I must answer. It is certainly not good blog protocol to ignore an "interview" like this...but these questions were hard, y'all.

Here goes (my answers are in black):

1. You don't pull on Superman's cape. You don't spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit into the wind. You don't pull the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger and you don't try to force horizontally striped clothing on Katie.

2. Have you ever had an event planning DISASTER? When/where/how/why and what was the fallout?

Oh yes, ma'am I did. In 1996, we had rented the battleship USS Alabama in Mobile Bay (Mobile, Alabama) for an evening event during an annual conference for Realtors. There were 500 people or so in attendance and the theme was a 40's evening/USO Show on the deck of the ship. The disaster occurred when the caterer showed up with 3 people to work the event. THREE. (Apparently the other TEN people we were supposed to have called in sick) The food was being prepared on the ship and transported down to the hangar where the meal was served. Basically, because they were shorthanded, I was running back in forth (in my 40's attire no less) running platters of food back and forth. It was a nightmare. But, to end the evening on a perfect note, we had arranged for fireworks over the bay. As the ending notes of "P.S. I Love You" were sung by the "Andrews Sisters," the fireworks filled the sky above. So, the evening actually ended with a "bang." :-)

3. Write me one of your signature poems - this time about what happens in Georgia when it SNOWS.

I just saw the weather
Could it really be true?
We're forecast for snow
There's so much to do!

I must make a list
For supplies that I need
It could snow half an inch!
I have a family to feed!

I'm off to Home Depot
For flashlights and candles
Then I'll run into Payless
For boots to replace sandals

I'll stock up on groceries
Like cheese, milk and bread
And I'll buy some cute gloves
And a hat for my head

Could it really be happening?
Let there be no mistake
Bring out the salt trucks
I just saw a flake!

4. What's the tackiest thing you can recall ever seeing in someone's front yard?
A flag supporting Auburn University. (hee hee)

5. What do you hope others see in you? Paint a picture of the perfect Katie, in your own eyes, and in your own words.
Told you these questions were hard! The perfect Katie? There's no such a thing. But, I do hope that others see someone who is compassionate and caring and yes, even, goofy. I'd love it if I somehow the thought of a memory we've shared brings a smile to their face... I'd never want anyone to remember a "perfect" Katie (not that that's likely to happen!) Instead, I'd like to know that people remember me fondly despite my imperfect self. I found a quote yesterday that said "a true friend still thinks you're a good egg...even if you're cracked." That says it all.


Girl Gone Wild said...

That's a cool interview! Yes, hard, but you did great!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

:) You're sposed to offer to interview someone else now!

That was a GREAT poem, and so true, so true! I kinda miss that frantic, crazy reaction to snow up here... where it's humdrum blah blah blah snow. Yadda yadda yadda. The excitement still lives on in ME though, even though the neighbors all think I'm nuts.

You crack me up, and I think you're the best egg ever! ;) hug.


Debbie said...

Too funny. The minute I read that you like to be thought of as goofy I remembered "making bacon." Only a really, good cracked egg would succumb to her coworkers/friends call to do "making bacon" or the Otto Titsling dance. I sure miss my daily Katie fix!

Speaking of, I have BIG/HUGE news so you better call me quickly! ;-) That'll get ya...

much love

melissa said...

that was great! i had a similar thing happen at an company event. 100 HUNGRY people at a restaurant "mingling" and getting very restless because the kitchen was toooooo slow getting the food out. so, i went into the kitchen and started grabbing trays. the crowd ROARED as i came into the reception area with trays full of food. it was pretty funny and my ceo got a real kick out of my aggressiveness. hehe :-)

Nicki said...

Those were some tough questions, as are the ones she asked me. I'm still working on answering mine.

Ornery's Wife said...

Sure glad it was YOU she picked! Those were some hard questions!