Monday, October 29, 2007

Glorious Day

Today is a glorious day

Not for any particular reason

Maybe it's the crystal clear,
cool Fall-ish weather outside...

or the fact that I don't hurt anywhere on my body

and my house is straightened (for the most part)

and my dog is by my side chewing on her tennis ball...

Perhaps it's the joy of the light
pouring in the glass on my front door

Or the sound of a lawnmower in the distance...

I can't seem to pinpoint the exact source
of my contentment today

I just know it's with me

I know there will be some not-so-good days ahead
They are a part of the natural, cyclical rhythm of life...

But today is a good one.

I am content.


ConservaChick said...

Gotta love the good days! "My house is straightened (for the most part)" You are one up on me this morning. ~Karlie

Cindy said...

I know those days. (Today isn't necessarily one of them, but reading this, I KNOW what it feels like!) Happy for you today, friend!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Yes, I recognize that language. Those feelings. They are lovely reminders to me when I feel the complete opposite.

Nicki said...

Those types of days are the best! Everything is right with the world, and nothing can bring you down!