Friday, February 17, 2006

Time Out

Well, Keith and I agree we must be doing a little something right with Daniel. Keith called me this morning and told me about a phone conversation that Daniel overheard him having with a collegue while they were driving to school. During the conversation, Keith used a couple of "taboo" words like "stupid" and "crap"--MILD words when considering the language used by most folks in Keith's industry...but, to a four year old who has been told not to say them, it was cause for correction. Here's how it played out:



"You shouldn't have used those two bad words while you were on the phone."

"Oops, you're right. I sure shouldn't have. I guess I'll need to go into time out when I get to work, huh?"


"OK, I will. I'm sorry for using those words."

"It's OK. Oh, and Daddy? When you put yourself into time out, just remember that I love you. OK?"

Geez, I love that kid.

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