Friday, February 17, 2006

Slow Dance

Life is made up of little nuggets of time--some good, some not-so-good--but, when a happy one rolls around it makes all the not-so-good ones worthwhile. As I've re-read some of my previous entries, I found a few talking about the contentment I have found in my child. Tonight was no exception.

It's 12:15 on Saturday morning and I must say we had a very relaxing, non-eventful Friday evening. Keith was installing some new shelving in the laundry room while I looked up favorite songs of mine on the computer and sang to my heart's content. My son Daniel's love of music nearly equals mine--further proof that I did indeed give birth to him and the whole Russian adoption experience was just a dream!

Well, as I was singing, Daniel disappeared for a moment then reappeared with his little blue blanket, turned every light off in my office and proceeded to climb up in my lap. Thumb tucked in his mouth (his one remaining only-at-night security ritual), he laid his head against my chest and went to sleep. It's hard to explain the feeling of peace that came over me at that moment. Just then, Norah Jones' song "The Long Day Is Over" came on and I found myself standing and slow dancing with this sleeping boy in my arms. His long, lean legs far outstretched the cradle of my arms and his soft blonde hair rested gently underneath my chin.

There, in the dark on a Friday evening, I slow danced with my son. He may not have realized what was happening...but hopefully one day, he'll come across these words and realize how very special those moments were to his mother...and how very much she loves him....

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