Monday, February 06, 2006

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Sleet

What is it with my need for out-of-the-ordinary experiences? If bad weather is coming, I want it to be really bad. (but, I'm just chicken enough not to want it to do any real damage--just the threat of it excites me) I want a blizzard like the one in 1993 where we'll be "snowed" in and get to cook food in our fireplace and play outside in a winter wonderland. Today we were forecast to get 2 inches and all we saw was 2 minutes of a beautiful snowfall that melted as it reached the ground.

Now, even though hurricanes and tornados fascinate me, I wouldn't wish that type of destruction on anyone. What we have seen in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is devastation beyond what we ever imagined. That's not the type of bad weather I hope for. I just love dark clouds rolling in, lightning in the distance and the excitement of impending wintery weather. I am also so much like my Mom. She used to get so mad when the weather man would say "well, looks like we dodged the bullet again folks..." I feel the same way. Bring it on, Mother Nature!

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