Thursday, February 02, 2006


The slow inhale and exhale
Of your little boy breaths
Your heartbeat in synch with mine
The crackle and pop of fresh wood
Burning in the fireplace
The soft twinkle of white holiday lights
Still hung in the ficus tree in the corner
The warmth and security of a fuzzy afghan
Creating for us a toasty respite
From the blustery day outside

At that very moment in time
There were no bills to pay
No conference calls to plan
And no harsh critique of oneself in the mirror
No discussion about money
Or planning for the future

Because the future was asleep on my shoulder
Quietly dreaming about gumballs
Or racecars or driving big trucks
And all was right with the world
As I experienced
Peace, serenity, and comfort
In the innocent embrace
Of my sweet sleeping child….

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