Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yes, I am still alive. And I'm HOME.

It's Roses and Violets Live from...........no, not New York....GEORGIA!

(....."begin cheesy theme music.....and you're on!")

Welcome back to the show folks. Your travel correspondent let you down. I could blame it on technical diffculties. I could blame it on the daily demonstrations that graced the front of our hotel... there are lots of excuses I could throw out there. But, you know what?

I was just doggone tired.

From six o'clock in the morning to ten o'clock each night I was on the move. I've planned meetings before for folks that meet in the morning and play in the afternoon. This is not one of those groups. These folks are serious about some meetings y'all. At any given time, there are six concurrent breakout sessions going, then they switch and go to another set of six or so meetings...all which have their own set-up needs, agendas, sign-in sheets, projectors...you name it.

And, of course, I had to wear cute shoes.

And, there is nothing ever comfortable about cute shoes.

At one point, my friend Cindy (a girlfriend of mine I drag along with me to help out!) and I are walking down the hall echoing each other as the "cute" shoes we were wearing rubbed the blisters made by other cute shoes we wore. "Oww," "Ouch," "Owww," Ouch,"...we would echo each other in a duet of footwear misery. (note to self: forget style next time. I think those nurse-style shoes will look great with my navy suit. Perhaps the taupe ones with the thick laces will do.)

I did get to take in a few sights...I did the Empire State Building that I told you about in the last post only I didn't see Tom Hanks. I also did not find anyone remotely looking like Tom Hanks or a backpack of any kind. I did find lines, security, and frustrated workers who had probably spent the last eight hours telling camera-wielding tourists like me which elevator to use. It was a spectacular view though...(see pics below)

I must say we had some wonderful food (Michael Jordan's and Morton's Steakhouses, authentic New York-style cheesecake and a to-die-for reuben at a local deli) and everyone was in a great mood. The last night I was there, Cindy had returned home so I jumped in a cab and went to Time Square. As touristy as it sounds, it just FEELS like I'm really in the Big Apple when I'm standing in Time Square. I really had a good time.

But, when I got home and hugged my husband and got to snuggle with my son during his nap... I knew I was back where I belong.

THAT, my friends, is the best feeling of all.

Here are a few pics from my trip:

View from Empire State Observatory

Me (left) & Cindy (right)-- Installation Banquet

Interior of the New York City Public Library

View from our reception at the
United Nations Headquarters (East River)

Heaven (a.k.a. the rows of dispensers at the World of M&M's)

Time Square--September 17


Lexy said...

Glad you're back!! I'll stick with our style of meetings even if they aren't in NYC, thanks! I gave up on cute shoes when I turned 40...

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

Believe me, I won't be doing any white water rafting with this group...they actually want to MEET during the conference. The nerve!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Glad your back in one piece...well, minus a few patches of skin on the feet!

Nicki said...

How exciting! Glad you enjoyed your trip and hope those blisters are healing up.

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
You just don't know
How I've missed you.

Loved your post
Pictures good too
Sounds like you need
A better fittin' shoe.

Hug hug hug.