Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday, Sleepy Sunday


That's what time we pulled into our driveway this morning after driving home from the game. Keith and I took turns driving and have both agreed that will NEVER happen again. We did make it to church by 8:25 for our meeting and children's church...but had to leave right afterwards so we could come home and crash.

Basically, we have been good for NOTHING for the rest of this day.

The game was a heartbreaker for us as we lost in overtime. But, it was as exciting as a game can get. I mean, who wants to see their team just blow the other away? What's the fun in that? Well, actually, there is aLOT of fun in that. But, if you can't have that, then the so-close-that-I-barely-have-any-fingernails-left kinda game is fun, too.

Final score:

Alabama 23
Georgia 26,
Katie & Keith's Sunday Productivity Level... ZERO.


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

I have a great deal of disdain for those stinkin' Bulldogs myself, much to Al's chagrin (he thinks it's disloyal not to root root root for the home team), but my Tigers are doing well this year so far as usual. (It's always right about time I feel hopeful that they start losing!) I hope you're napping. Are you napping? Napping is glorious.

Summer said...

At least they played well and they didn't get blown away. I am just glad the AU finally won.

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

I know your Keith is, too!

Loretta Speaks said...

Bless ya'lls hearts!!

Lexy said...

I want you to know that my very first reaction to UGA's OT touchdown was -- "oh poor Katie!" Do you think this means that I won't get the fundraising call from the UGA alumni society this year?

Heck of good game!

Girl Gone Wild said...

That was a great game to watch!!