Monday, May 29, 2006

Don't Box Me In

I am a wife
and a mother
and a teenage girl
riding in the car
with the windows rolled down
Music blaring
people staring
Not really caring
what others think
Don't box me in...

I am the friend
I am the enemy
The most dependable one
The forgetful one
The organize for hundreds
but lose my keys
can I borrow an egg please
Cause I haven't bought groceries one
Don't box me in...

I am a sister
I am a daughter
I'm not unlike you
My closets aren't empty
Of skeletons and such
But I try to move forward
Without staring in
the rearview mirror
Don't box me in...

I am all these things and more
Music lover
Injustice hater
Ms. Got it all together
Ms. Procrastinator
I could go on
But maybe later...

Don't box me in....


Lexy said...

Wow! Love this.

... you forgot spud killer! :-)

Katiebod said...

"Spud Killer" is the skeleton in my closet....shhhhhhhhh

Janet said...

Music blaring???????? You go girl..this is cool.