Thursday, May 18, 2006

How in the World?

Did I get so busy over the past five days that I haven't even blogged once? I even set up a new blog for our friends traveling to Russia to adopt and forgot to make an entry myself.

I wouldn't stress so much about it except that I have been surprised when people I do not know come up to me and tell me that they enjoy reading my blog. Wow! Thank you very much to anyone who stumbles across my tiny slice of internet real estate and dares to come back again. I'm very flattered.

OK-- it's recap time:
*I DID walk those seven miles with my friend Kim...7.2 in fact! I must admit I was feeling it the last mile but, miraculously, the next time I wasn't sore at all. woohoo!! We continue to walk 2 or 3 miles here and there but plan to do the seven again next Saturday and each available one after that.

*American Idol...poor Elliott. I know he needed to go but he was the NICEST contestant they've ever had on there. And, when he starts crying and thanking his Mom--I just want to hug him. LOL I think Taylor should definitely win and I WILL be voting! (yes, I am a nerd.)

*Daniel's surgery on his tongue (he bit his tongue one night at dinner severed a saliva duct and had to have it repaired) --it went really well and he is back to 150% as always.

*Busy, busy, busy...tings have really been hectic of late and I'm doing well just to remember where my keys are (which, for anyone who knows me, is nothing new...ha)

*Promise to blog something each day. I enjoy doing it and it's exciting to know that other folks may be enjoying it, too.

More later...

Bodiford Out!

(ooh, that was bad-- I promise, no more cheesy American Idol references ever again.) :-)

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