Friday, May 26, 2006

Life on May 26

Good Things:

~~one of my daylilies bloomed today! Bright orange...what a nice surprise.

~~Lunch with my hubby-- a nice break in the day

~~The way my friend Kim says "helloooo" when she sees it's me calling

Not-So-Good Things:

~~Light-colored laundry

~~Dark-colored laundry

~~Any-colored laundry


Lexy said...

Have a mentioned that my new hubby does all the laundry? I am a truly lucky woman! :-)

Katiebod said...

I should give my hubby credit, too. He does quite a bit around here (you already knew that, though) It's just I have no grasp of how a family of three can utilize 567 towels and at least 40 outfits a piece in a week's time? This is not Broadway. We're not doing scene changes...where does it all come from???