Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Little Moments

Life is made up of a series of little "nuggets" of time. If you're lucky, you'll realize how special something really is while you're still in the moment. This happened to me yesterday. It may seem trivial to the outside eye, but to me, it was pretty special.

I love the series the Gilmore Girls. In fact, I love it so much that I have dedicated my NetFlix membership to catching up starting at Season 1. I'm now on Season 4 and my son is as hooked as I am. At four years old, he knows the characters by name and lamented the break-up of Dean and Rory right along with the rest of us. But my favorite part is when the theme song comes on. A duet featuring Carole King, the tune goes "If you lead, I will follow, anywhere, that you tell me to..." It's a catchy song that Daniel now knows the words to.

Yesterday, I popped in an episode so Daniel and I could watch as we ate hot dogs for lunch. Just to be funny, I picked up my hot dog and used it as a microphone to sing my part (the Mommy part) of the duet. Following suit, Daniel grabbed his hot dog and stood up to sing the other part. It reminded me very much of the scene in the movie "StepMom" when the kids are singing into their hairbrushes and dancing around with their Mom. We had such a good time. No, we weren't learning about the ABC's, global warming or how to tie his shoes. At that moment, we were just a couple of silly people singing along to a familiar song and having a blast.

Shortly thereafter, my duet partner ate his microphone so we settled in for our favorite show. It may not be the most glamorous of childhood experiences, but that's one little "nugget" of time this mother will never forget.

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