Friday, May 26, 2006

The Crimson Moon

Tonight was one of the most enjoyable evenings we've experienced as a family in quite some time. On a mission for a different dining option, we hit the road for the short drive up to Dahlonega, GA and discovered a quaint downtown dotted with eclectic restaurants, couples out for an evening stroll and.....the Crimson Moon. Keith had found it online and suggested we give this neat little cafe/coffee house tucked on a side street a try.

We walked in to a small front dining area filled with tables and old couches and decorated with a mixture of stained glass, white tubular "Christmas" lights and one-word sayings such as "Laugh," "Dream," and "Sing" painted on the wall. Anyone who knows me well knows that I felt completely at home in this place and took to it instantly. At the front of the room was a small corner stage upon which live music was being performed. A couple guys, guitars in hand, played a relaxing blend of self-composed songs and even my four year old sat captivated by his surroundings. The food was great and the house specialty mango iced tea alone will be cause for my return.

Afterwards, we walked the quiet streets and commented on just how safe we felt. It was quite Mayberry if you ask me and we enjoyed every minute of our time there.

Crimson Moon, I have a feeling you and I will get to know each other pretty well.

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Janet said...

Nice picture. I like how you have been adding them. The ice tea sounds wonderful. I will have to check it out sometime. Glad you had a good time.