Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sunshine and Sprinklers

Summer made its debut to me today. Yes, we've had the pleasure of sunshine-filled days and warm temps for some time now; however, the true feeling of summertime revealed itself to me with a little help from an Elmo water sprinkler.

My friend Kim and I had completed one of our regular outings--a walk through the up and down hilly streets of our neighborhood. The hot sun caused beads of sweat to form on my brow and my legs felt stiff as I pushed a 40 pound stroller carrying a 33 pound child. A child who insists on continually bending over to survey the underside of the stroller causing a weight shift that makes it even harder to push.

As we passed along the crystal clear waters of an enticing neighborhood pool, Kim and I agreed to head home and dress the kids in their bathing suits for the ultimate summertime rite-of-passage: playing in the sprinkler.

A couple hills later, we're home and have thrown some sandwiches together for an impromptu tailgate lunch in Kim's driveway. The kids proceed cautiously to the edge of the sprinkler's grasp. Moments later, they are having a ball trying to simultaneousy avoid and delight in the icy cold stream of water spewing from Elmo's mouth.

I glance around and the feeling is unmistakeable. It's summertime. The trees are thick with lush green foilage and the butterflies are dancing about--much like our kids--in a seasonal welcome party of their own. The fresh grass clippings adhered to our feet are proof that summertime has indeed arrived.

I take note of how blessed we really are. There is good conversation between friends, toasty sunshine to warm us and the unabashed giggles of childs play as we watch our kids frolic under the rhythmic arms of a dancing water sprinkler.

Life is good.

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