Monday, April 17, 2006

The MidYear Meeting--Jacksonville, Florida

planning, conference calls
putting out a fire or two
It all comes together
Just in time, as always

jump on a plane
exit row is paradise
on a packed metal tube

Jacksonville, Florida
on a bright sunny day
high rises mingle with bridges
as the river meanders along
each ripple sparkling diamond-like
from the sun's unending gaze

lunch at the Landing
cold chicken in a pita
pigeons swarming about
the fountain in the pavement
entertains the lunch crowd below

more preparations
unpacking the necessities
badges in order, easels scattered about
curious attendees milling around
the behind-the-scenes glamour of meetings

so-so mexican for supper
more pigeons
jazz turned to rap on the plaza
a dripping ice cream cone
in my 4-year old's hand

signage forgotten
on the dining room table
is recreated late night
no Kinko's open

shhh, Daniel...go to sleep
please lay down, Daniel
mommy has asked nicely
no more chocolate ice cream
before bedtime

5:30 alarm
shower, iron, out the door
waiting at Kinko's
7:00 come and gone
so much for posted hours

the upside as I wait...
a crisp cool morning
office buildings awaken
one light at a time

registration begins
smiles, familiar faces
"how've you been?"
"here's your badge"
"we're glad you're here"

meetings ensue
putting up signs
taking down signs
grey easel stands
becoming extra appendages

too cold in the ballroom
call engineering
too hot in room A
call engineering
last minute speaker request
call audiovisual
need fruit plate for speaker
find the banquet manager

little details swimming everywhere
"pick me! no, pick me!"
they fight for my attention

schedule is winding down
packing up begins
keep this, toss that
bye, bye signage

"it was good to see you"
over and over
familiar faces depart
"see you in San Antonio..."

slip key in room 731
normally greeted by post-meeting silence
this time, "Mommy's here!"
want to crawl into bed
but a patient little boy
is ready for adventure

change clothes
take a deep breath
no rest, but no worries
only a short time left here
so to the unknown we venture

monday will come soon enough
more planning, more calls
as the cycle begins again....

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