Saturday, March 25, 2006

Isn't that just like life?

After our visit to the lake, Jenny and the kids and I were headed back into town. Suddenly, I veered off to the right onto this road I had never traveled. I've passed by it plenty of times and I knew that it could possibly lead to the lake somehow so I took a detour to check it out.

We wound our way through a residential section of town until we started spotting glimpses of water down below. As I had guessed, we entered a park surrounded by Lake Lanier. What we discovered was a little oasis of sorts--places to picnic, boat launches and a nice hiking trail perfect for taking Daniel on a nature walk on a quiet afternoon.

I made the comment to Jenny, "see what happens when you go down a road you've never been before?" She replied, "Isn't that just like life?" She's right.

As I think back on some decisions I've made throughout the years, sometimes the best ones were made on gut instinct and involved taking a risk. Like adopting our son. I never thought I'd ever use adoption as a means of starting a family. I just took for granted I'd be able to have a child when Keith and I decided it was the right time. When that didn't happen, we veered off to the right and went down the adoption path. It was scary, risky and possibly the best decision we ever made.

Give it try. Veer off to the right someday and journey down that unfamiliar road. You never know where it might take you.

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