Saturday, March 25, 2006

All I need is a blue sky, a nice breeze...

...and a kite.

What a great day Daniel and I had today. My sis Jenny and my niece Alden came up for a visit (they only live an hour away) and we spent part of the afternoon at Lake Lanier watching a red and blue kite with a long yellow tail dance in the breeze.

I hadn't flown a kite in years. But, after reading the sparse instructions and tying a secure knot in the line, I was ready for take-off. Or so I thought.

The wind was blowing fiercely and whipping off the lake on my first launch attempt. My (brave) sister tossed it in the air and I took off running and it flipped on its back and plopped on the ground.

The next attempt was a little better but, just as it took flight, a gust caught it and the kite turned into a lethal weapon as it whipped around in violent circles emitting this machine-gun sound that caused Jenny to hit the deck. (Looking back, it was quite comical)

Finally, we tried it again and a strong, steady breeze carried the kite high up in the air. I quickly began releasing more and more twine and the kids took great delight in chanting as the kite flew higher and higher into a cobalt blue sky dotted with cotton ball clouds. We did it! I like to think I've accomplished some things in my life. But few have given me as much pleasure as keeping a little boy's first kite afloat as he watches with pure delight.

Our family may be going through a trying time right now. But, for a moment, life seemed perfect as I was surrounded by people I love, a beautiful lake, a perfect day and a bright blue and red kite dancing in the wind.

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dewde said...

I think it is Dr. Dobson who likens flying a kite to raising a child. Pull too hard on the string, and it'll never take off or you'll send it into the ground in a hard dive. Let the string go too loose, and it'll whip about in the wind and be carried off to eventually fall from the sky. The trick is to give it short, controlled tugs and let it loose depending on the current... if you really want to see it fly.