Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Empty Nest Syndrome???

Could I be experiencing a touch of empty nest syndrome?? My son has been at the inlaws since Saturday and I'm about to go stir crazy! Keith and I are enjoying our alone time together but the quiet, emptiness of our home without a busy four year old is quite odd. Yes, he drives me batty sometimes with his normal, little boy ways...but I long to try to pinch his cute booty as he runs up the stairs with him giggling to "beat me" and I miss him curling up under his little blue blanket in my lap as we watch "Ameri-Idol" as he calls it. I do manage to get a few sentences out of him on the phone each night but they are filled with tales of playing with his cousin or Mamaw's cooking and ice cream with Papaw. I know he's having a great time (sniff, sniff) but I sure am ready to get one of his famous bear hugs. (note: please remind me of this post when I'm pulling my hair out in about a week, OK????) :-)

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