Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Awaiting Spring

As I look out my window, the woods are trying to dry themselves off from the torrential rains we had overnight. Sprigs of spring are popping up everywhere as brave, yet cautious, flowers peek out of the ground thinking "Is it safe to come out now?" Along our road, dogwoods bloom in concert with pear trees creating a symphony of color. At first glimpse, it appears that we've had a light snowfall as the trees are bursting with brilliant white blooms.

Pansies around mailboxes perk up as if to say "Hey--don't forget about us!" and the daylilies we finally planted are just beginning to take root. A welcome patch of bright yellow daffodils made their appearance last week and it makes me happy every time I see them. I love spring time in Atlanta. The green is returning, replacing the bare branches that have become a familiar sight out our back door. The creek down below ripples as it slithers across mossy rocks and winds it way through twig barriers along the way and the birds enjoy singing to one another from the tall treetops.

I'm ready to be done with winter. Usually that's not the case. But having a four year old is a lot easier when the expanse green space in our front yard is available and we're not cooped up inside.

C'mon, Spring...it's time to get rollin.......

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